People are Talking

People are Talking

Steve Bailey - The Gauntlet Runner
"Just a quick note about the moccasins.  We received them on the Thursday and took them with us to Ogdensburgh for my book signing.  I wore them the entire day and I have to say that I needed to check a few times to see if I still had them on because they were so comfortable...I really didn't want to take them off.  The kids did the same and they both loved them.

Thanks again for the amazing service and moccasins!"

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Keep you infant, baby or early walking toddler's feet warm & comfortable with cozy authentic Native American soft sole moccasin house shoes that are easy to slip on or off & stay on your child's feet. Here we have a variety of real tradition Indian handmade baby moccasin slippers made from genuine leather & suede with adorable accents such as beaded vamps, rabbit fur trims & fringes.

Babies and toddlers 2 years and younger are often carried or in a stroller when you are outside running errands. However, even though your new born infant, baby or toddler isn’t always walking or is just starting to take his or her first steps, he or she still needs shoes to keep his or her feet warm when running around. As a parent you want your baby or toddler’s shoes to be easy for you to slip on and off his or her feet, to be comfortable (so your new born infant, baby or toddler will not consistently kick them off) and for them to be cute and look good with a variety of different outfits. This is what makes handmade genuine leather baby and toddler moccasin slippers such a great and popular choice. Authentic Native American genuine leather infant and toddler moccasin soft sole house shoe slippers are easy to slip on and off which is great for independent toddlers, but also provide a secure comfortable fit that will prevent you from having to search for missing shoes.

Authentic Native North American Indian baby and toddler moccasins, handmade from genuine leather and suede, are not only comfortable and convenient but are also cute, stylish and come in natural leather colours that go great with everything! Many authentic handmade Native North American and Canadian moccasin slippers have cute fashionable accents such as beaded vamps, fringes around the top and rabbit fur collars. No matter what style you are looking for, or whether you need a cozy warm and well insulated pair of winter slippers, or a lightweight soft sole house slipper or to be worm in casual setting, there are baby and toddler genuine leather handmade moccasins that are perfect for your new born infant, baby or toddler. Not only is genuine leather and suede unisex in colour, it is also very cozy and durable. Authentic handmade leather and suede moccasin slippers last long and will be able to be passed down and not have to be replaced.

In addition to baby and toddler leather moccasins slippers being stylish, comfortable, long lasting and easy for you to slip on, they are also really good for babies taking their first steps. Infant and toddler moccasin slippers are slip on house shoes with flexible soft soles that are perfect for beginner walkers who are learning to take their first steps, because whether inside or out, flexible soft sole moccasins slippers provide enough support and protection, but also allow babies taking their first steps to feel the ground beneath them, which is important when they are first developing their foot muscles. Whether learning to walk inside or out, authentic handmade Native American Indian soft sole house shoe moccasin slippers are a great option for babies taking their first steps. Whether learning to take their first steps, keeping warm around the house or while playing outside, running errands or anything else, authentic handmade Native American Indian soft sole house shoe moccasin slippers are a great option for babies, infants and toddlers. Soft sole handmade leather and suede baby and toddler moccasin shoes and house slippers also make a great gift for baby showers and moms.

When buying authentic Native American baby moccasin shoes or soft sole house slippers for infants or walking toddlers, you do not want to buy cheap, poorly made moccasins. Yes they might save you money up front, but they will cost you in lack of quality, coziness and durability in the long run. Since your baby’s skin is likely going to be in direct contact with the leather, it is important to provide them with the softest, most comfortable genuine leather available. You do not always know what types of dyes or the quality of leather you are getting when you buy cheap infant or toddler moccasin shoes or house slippers manufactured overseas. When you buy authentic Native American Canadian handmade moccasin shoes or soft sole slippers you are getting high quality materials and craftsmanship. You know your baby’s feet are going to feel comfortable, cozy and relaxed while he or she are wearing or walking in a pair of traditional Native Indian genuine leather moccasin shoes or soft sole house slippers. When you buy Canadian handmade Native American infant and toddler moccasins you are dealing with local companies and craftsman who pay attention to detail and know that making moccasins is an art and trade that is passed down from generation to generation. You will be happy you invested in a cozy pair of high quality genuine leather and suede infant, baby and toddler beaded moccasin shoes or soft sole house slippers and will make your child look even more adorable than they already are.

Here are Moccasins Canada we have a variety of authentic Native American handmade genuine leather baby moccasins that can be worn on infants and toddlers who are learning to walk. We carry many different styles including indoor baby and toddler moccasin house slippers or cozy soft sole moccasin shoes. Our traditional Native Indian genuine leather moccasins have many cute and fashionable accents including beaded vamps, rabbit fur trims and stylish fringes. All of our authentic Native American moccasins are handmade from durable real genuine leather or suede with flexible soles perfect for early walkers. We provide several product photos of our cute infant, baby and toddler soft sole moccasins so you can see different angles and the sole materials helping you pick the best pair of moccasin shoes or soft sole house slippers for your needs. We have a secure online checkout and fast economical shipping. We strive to provide the best customer service and are happy to answer your questions or help you with the sizing of your real leather infant or toddler moccasin house shoes. People may already stop to admire your cute baby, however if you place a pair of genuine leather moccasin shoes or cozy soft sole house slippers on his or her feet, you will give them even more to admire.