People are Talking

People are Talking

Steve Bailey - The Gauntlet Runner
"Just a quick note about the moccasins.  We received them on the Thursday and took them with us to Ogdensburgh for my book signing.  I wore them the entire day and I have to say that I needed to check a few times to see if I still had them on because they were so comfortable...I really didn't want to take them off.  The kids did the same and they both loved them.

Thanks again for the amazing service and moccasins!"

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Keep Your Children’s Hands Warm & Their Bodies Comfortable During the Winter with the Best Fuzzy Genuine Sheepskin Mittens. We Offer Real Shearling Fur Mittens On a String for Babies & Toddlers As Well as Older Kids Mittens For Sale At Reasonable Prices.

One of the most essential winter accessories for kids and babies are warm mittens. The last thing you want is your baby or toddler to have cold fingers or wet hands. Children tend to be a little bit clumsy and often fall in snow using their hands to brace themselves. Younger children can’t always tell you how they are feeling or if their hands are cold, so keeping their hands covered is important to prevent them from feeling uncomfortable. Gloves, especially on children can be tedious to put on since every finger needs to go into it’s own proper slot and children are not always coordinated enough to do this themselves. This leads to the parents or guardians having to waste time annoyingly trying to put their baby’s gloves on, each time you head out the door. Warm and fuzzy winter mittens allow you to quickly slip your child’s hand in and be about your business.

Warm genuine sheepskin fur mittens for babies and toddlers are the best winter mittens you can buy for your child. Kids sheepskin mittens, also known as real shearling, are very durable and strong, much more than other materials. Not only are they durable but also very flexible and cozy, so your child will love to wear them. Another great aspect of baby and children’s fuzzy sheepskin mittens is the ability for the real shearling to naturally wick away moisture. This will prevent your child’s hands from sweating and having their winter mittens actually start to stink. Genuine sheepskin is easy to care for so even if the mittens get dirty, you can machine wash them using a special sheepskin detergent or wash. The exterior of baby and toddler sheepskin fur mittens is the suede from the shearling which is wind resistant and can be treated to be water resistant as well. Warm and fuzzy sheepskin mittens on a string are great for babies or toddlers as you won’t have to worry about losing the mittens if they fall off, or having to look for them if they get buried in the snow.

Baby and toddler children’s sheepskin mittens are much warmer than synthetic materials or other animal furs. Fake kids sheepskin mitts or mittens made from synthetic materials will never keep you as warm as real genuine fuzzy sheepskin. There is a reason why genuine sheepskin is still a best seller when it comes to winter mittens, and that is because it is one of the best and most comfortable insulators. Yes you can buy cheap mittens at any store, but if you are looking for a long-lasting product that will make your child feel very warm, and that you can pass down to all your children, sheepskin mittens are the best. You might end up with a dozen cheap baby and toddler size mittens in your winter accessories bin, but when it comes to keeping your child warm while they play outside, fuzzy sheepskin mittens will be the best. Another great aspect of kids sheepskin mittens, is the fact that they are mittens. Fur mittens are naturally warmer than gloves because your fingers are kept together which allows for greater heat to be distributed and less loss. You will never be disappointed with a pair of genuine sheepskin mittens. Sheepskin has also been said to improve circulation which also helps in keeping your hands feeling warm.

Here at Moccasins Canada we sell baby and toddler genuine sheepskin fur winter mittens for infants on a string, as well as toddler and older children's mittens. Our fuzzy kids sheepskin mittens are made in Canada, not offshore, so you can be confident when you shop, that you are buying mittens made from genuine high-quality real shearling. Sheepskin mittens are a great investment as they will last long and make your child feel warm and comfortable. Not only are our baby and toddler mittens affordably priced, we offer a secure checkout and easy to use website. We strive to answer all of our customers questions by phone or email in a timely fashion and would be glad to answer any of your questions regarding our children’s sheepskin fur mittens. We allow you to return any product for an exchange or refund if you are not satisfied with your purchase (must be in new condition). We try to make it easy for you to find best, warm and fuzzy, children’s sheepskin winter mittens.