People are Talking

People are Talking

Steve Bailey - The Gauntlet Runner
"Just a quick note about the moccasins.  We received them on the Thursday and took them with us to Ogdensburgh for my book signing.  I wore them the entire day and I have to say that I needed to check a few times to see if I still had them on because they were so comfortable...I really didn't want to take them off.  The kids did the same and they both loved them.

Thanks again for the amazing service and moccasins!"

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Say Goodbye to Cold Hands While Treating your fingers to Warmth & Comfort with a Pair of Luxury Men’s or Women’s Fuzzy Genuine Sheepskin Wool Insulated Winter Mittens. We offer High Quality Real Sheepskin Shearling Wool Mitts with Genuine Suede and Leather Exteriors, Handmade in Canada and at the Best Online Sales Prices

There is nothing worse than cold hands and fingers. Whether you are heading to or from work, going for a walk, or doing something else, it is important to keep your hands and fingers warm. Well insulated men’s and women’s winter mittens are the best way to keep your hands and fingers warm in the winter. With mittens your fingers are together creating more warmth, the more insulated the mittens are the less of that heat is lost and the warmer your hands and fingers will stay. However, when buying warm well insulated winter mittens for your day to day life it is important that they will not only keep your hands warm and comfortable, but they are also crafted well, will last long and look good. This is why real sheepskin shearling wool lined men’s and women’s mittens with genuine leather and suede exteriors are some of the best winter mitts you can buy. Men’s and women’s shearling sheepskin wool lined genuine suede and leather mittens are fuzzy and soft, making them very comfortable on your hands and fingers with no itch. Sheepskin wool besides being fuzzy, soft, comfortable and hypoallergenic is also extremely warm and lasts long. The real leather and genuine suede exteriors of high quality men’s and women’s sheepskin lined winter mittens looks great regardless of what you are wearing and can look casual or dressy depending on your outfit. Shearling sheepskin wool lined winter mitts with real leather and genuine suede exteriors feature neutral colors that match with any coat and have a classy and timeless look that will never go out of style.

Cheap men’s and women’s sheepskin lined mitts are cheap for a reason. Their sheepskin shearing wool is not real and neither is the leather or suede. They may look good on the computer screen, but will not last and do not look or feel like the real thing. When wearing winter mittens your hands at times are going to perspire a bit. Cheap wool and low quality synthetic materials do not breathe and hold on to that moisture. This is not only uncomfortable but can also begin to smell. Real natural sheepskin shearling wool has the ability to wick away moisture keeping your hands dry, comfortable and prevent odor. The genuine suede or leather exterior of men’s and women’s sheepskin mittens is tough but flexible, so your hands and fingers are able to move, but are also protected from wind and snow. Genuine leather and suede unlike cheap synthetic materials will last long and stay looking like new, year after year. Spending a bit more upfront on a pair of well insulated, high quality men’s or women’s real sheepskin wool lined winter mittens with a genuine leather or suede exterior will ensure your hands stay warm, comfortable and dry, while looking amazing and saving you money in long run over cheap mitts not having to replace them.

We offer a variety of high quality, well insulated men’s and women’s real shearling sheepskin wool lined winter mittens, with genuine leather and suede exteriors, handmade in Canada; from Laurentian Chief and Lambskin Specialties. Both companies offer superb mittens, handmade with superior genuine sheepskin wool. Lambskin Specialties is based out of Winnipeg, Canada and has been producing the best quality men’s and women’s sheepskin apparel, including luxury suede and genuine leather shearling wool lined and well insulated warm winter mittens, for over 35 years. Laurentian Chief is based out of Quebec, Canada and has been manufacturing their luxury men’s and women’s fuzzy winter sheepskin mitts, apparel and other real shearling wool lined products for over 70 years! All of our natural genuine sheepskin winter mitts come in neutral colors for both men and women. Their interiors are insulated with plush and fuzzy real shearling sheepskin wool that will keep your hands toasty all winter long. The exteriors are durable real suede or genuine leather. Both the genuine leather and real suede exteriors look great, will last and help protect against wind. Besides offering the best selection of high quality real sheepskin men’s and women’s mittens, we also provide excellent customer service, and fast shipping. Give us a call or send us email and we are more than happy to answer any of your questions about our well insulated, warm and fuzzy suede and leather men’s and women’s luxury sheepskin mittens. Whether you are looking for the perfect gift or you are treating yourself, you cannot go wrong with the best and warmest real shearling wool lined winter mittens.