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Grounding Insoles with Arch Support
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Rejuvenate Your Body by Earthing with Authentic Unlined Native American Moccasins. We have the Best Grounding Moccasin Shoes Handmade in Canada using Natural Deer, Real Elk, Genuine Cow, & Moose Hide Leathers without Insoles so You and Your Body Feel like You are Walking Barefoot

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It seems the further we go from natural products the worse effects it has on our bodies. We all know organic and whole food is better than processed food and being dependent on medications and antibiotics can come at a cost. Another unfortunate substance we are exposed to on a daily basis is something called free radicals and electromagnetic pollution. Our bodies can cope with some exposure to free radicals, however we can experience damage when the free radicals increase beyond our bodies ability to neutralize or destroy them.

Free radicals are connected to inflammation which is linked to cancer, heart disease, immune dysfunction, aging and cognitive decline. Most of us enjoy the conveniences of living in the 21st century and with smart adjustments to our lifestyle and diet we can archive better health and vitality. Antioxidants which you can get from food, helps neutralize the damage from free radicals but a regular supply of electrons from the earth is another great way to combat them as well. Free radicals, which build up in our bodies during the day, are positively charged while the surface of the Earth is negatively charged helping minimize the damage from free radicals.

One way you can combat these free radicals while experiencing improved health and vitality is by earthing, also known as grounding. Earthing is a free, natural and risk-free way of improving health. Some reviews state that Earthing offers nothing more than the placebo effect, while other medical circles discredit it all together, but people who want to give it try have nothing to lose but their shoes. Grounding is derived from the notion that we can get healing electrons from the ground the same way we can get vitamin D from the sun or oxygen from trees. However, in order to receive these negatively charged electrons you need to be in direct contact with the earth's surface. The reason why some refer to earthing as the 'barefoot movement' is that the insulator properties of rubber, plastic and vinyl materials in our footwear block the flow of electrons from the Earth to our bodies.

This used to be less of a problem as most shoes and footwear used to be handmade and unlined from all-natural genuine leather which actually helps maintain conductive contact with the Earth and your feet especially when they absorbed moisture. As our society became more modern in the 20th century we have lost more and more contact with the Earth's surface with our synthetic shoe soles and insoles. Earthing can be practiced almost anywhere as long as your body is in contact with grass, sand, rock, dirt, and in some cases asphalt. There are instances when being barefoot is not an option and is even unsafe or unsanitary. In these instances you can buy unlined Native American handmade moccasins with natural materials such as authentic moccasin shoes made from genuine leather with no insoles as they will allow the electrons to flow through to your feet.

Here we have authentic unlined moccasins that are handmade by Native Americans out of tough genuine leather soles or soft suede soles both great for grounding. Enjoy the benefits of Earthing and rejuvenate your body by wearing genuine leather moccasins. Earthing is one of the most affordable and easiest ways to attain antioxidants and all you have to do is loose your shoes or get a pair of all natural genuine leather moccasin shoes.