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Collection: Sheepskin Boots

Keep You Feet Warm, Dry, Comfortable & Stylish In the Fall & Winter With a Pair of Furry Well-Insulated Sheepskin Boots. At Our Online Store You Can Buy Cute EMU Australia Slip-On Boots Made from Genuine Sheepskin Wool & Suede In Short & Mid-Calf Styles On Sale At the Best Discount Prices

There is nothing worse than having cold, damp feet during the winter. When you go outside in cold weather conditions you want your feet to feel warm and cozy. If your winter boots do not keep your feet warm and dry there really is no point in wearing them even if they look cute. However, most serious winter boots are not very fashionable, are uncomfortable and difficult to take on and off. You need to have a pair of furry winter boots that are comfortable, easy to slip on and off and look fashionable and stylish while maintaining their purpose of keeping your feet warm, dry and comfortable.

Australian EMU sheepskin boots are one of the best and cutest winter boots for sale. Real and genuine sheepskin wool is a natural insulator and one of the warmest and softest natural fibers in the world. When you slip-on a pair of their furry sheepskin boots in the winter or fall, your feet will experience the best warmth and comfort possible. Australian EMU sheepskin boots are made of the softest and thickest 100% real and natural Australian Merino wool.

The genuine suede exterior on EMU sheepskin boots are treated so they are water resistant so you do not have to worry about your feet getting wet from rain and snow. They have double stitched seams for added strength and durability. Merino Australian wool wicks aways 70% of moisture, aids breathability and contributes to odor resistance, preventing your feet from sweating or smelling which ultimately keeps your feet dry and comfortable. EMU Australia's short and mid-calf 100% natural and genuine sheepskin boots have a molded heel cup making them easy to slip-on and off and offer you better fit and support so your boots will not collapse.

Unlike fake and cheap discount sheepskin boots for sale, the genuine and real sheepskin used for EMU’s winter boots is taken from Australian sheep and the manufacturers ensure their sheepskin wool is the highest quality. Having quality sheepskin and suede will extend the longevity of your winter boots. The furry sheepskin insole can be removed allowing you wash them separately from your boots. The sheepskin insoles in the short and mid-calf boots are shaped in a way to provide you with added arch support making EMU boots one of the warmest and supportive winter boots on the market. When you wear a pair of EMU Australia sheepskin boots you will feel like you are walking on clouds.

At our online store you can buy a variety of the best most fashionable EMU Australia sheepskin winter boots for sale in short and mid-calf styles at cheap prices you can afford. We sell only the best and softest real sheepskin winter boots at affordable discount prices. We also sell suede and sheepskin boot care kits so you can greatly extend the life of your winter boots. Whatever style or type of suede and genuine sheepskin boots suit you, you can find them here at Moccasins Canada. If you have any questions about any of our 100% natural EMU Australia sheepskin wool boots please let us know and we will be more than happy to assist you by phone or email.