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Grounding Desk Mat
Grounding Desk Mat
Grounding Desk Mat
Grounding Desk Mat

Grounding Desk Mat

Moccasins Canada
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Upgrade your desk to an Earthing retreat by placing a BEP mat where your wrists touch to enjoy all-day EMF and grounding therapy while you work. You can now enjoy real results with more energy, better focus, as well as fewer headaches, less illness, inflammation, and pain throughout your busy day. This 24" x 10" universal mat uses 100% conductive premium carbon-infused rubber for increased active grounding contact. This universal Earthing Desk Mat can be used on top of a desk beneath your keyboard and mouse, or on the floor with barefoot contact. The package includes: 1 earthing pad and 1 16" grounding cord.
How to Use
1. Place pad on desired surface (desk, floor, chair).
2. Connect ground cord to metal snap on the pad.
3. Plug into ground portion of outlet.
4. Enjoy being grounded.

Washing Instructions
1. Do not submerge in water. Do not put in dishwasher or washing machine. Not for use outside as the sun can cause damage.
2. Do not use any household products like furniture polish as it will cause the pad to loose conductivity.
3. Wipe down the pad using soap and a damp cloth or sponge.
5. Do not iron.