People are Talking

People are Talking

Steve Bailey - The Gauntlet Runner
"Just a quick note about the moccasins.  We received them on the Thursday and took them with us to Ogdensburgh for my book signing.  I wore them the entire day and I have to say that I needed to check a few times to see if I still had them on because they were so comfortable...I really didn't want to take them off.  The kids did the same and they both loved them.

Thanks again for the amazing service and moccasins!"

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Get Comfortable Long Lasting Footwear while Celebrating Native American Heritage with the best Handmade Real Leather Moccasins. We offer Authentic Canadian Indian made Beaded and Non-Beaded Genuine Leather Moccasins at Cheap Online Sales Prices

There are very few things worse than sore, tired achy feet. It can be very hard to find comfortable footwear that does not cause foot pain. When you do find a pair you often end up wearing them a lot. Most footwear manufactures today use cheap materials and the footwear is mass produced overseas. This results in shoes that wear out quickly and have to be replaced. Real Native American Indian handmade genuine leather beaded and non-beaded moccasins for sale are some of the best most comfortable and longest lasting footwear you can buy. This is because they are made with high-quality genuine leather. What makes moccasins so comfortable is they stretch and conform to your feet. Their design is also very natural and flows will the structure of your feet. They do not have big heals, bulky soles or overly thick padding that causes unbalanced weight distribution.

When purchasing beaded and non-beaded moccasins for sale, it is important to purchase real Native American Indian handmade genuine leather moccasins. Cheap knock-off moccasins made from plastic and other low quality materials do not stretch or conform to your feet. They can also cause your feet to stink and they do not last. Not only are they not nearly as comfortable or last as long as handmade genuine leather moccasins they are also not authentic Native American Indian made. Moccasins are a celebration of the Native North American and Canadian Indian heritage and culture. Native American Indians are amazing craftsman who’s leather working and beading skills have been passed down from generation to generation. The handmade moccasins they make for sale, are not only a means of making a living, but it keeps their amazing traditions and proud heritage alive today.

Canadian leather moccasins date back hundreds of years and are still sought after by anyone who appreciates authentic beaded or non-beaded real Native American Indian leather footwear. There are many different types and styles of moccasins for sale online in the best natural genuine leather such as deer, elk, cow, moose, and buffalo hide as well as sheepskin. No matter what style or type you are looking for there is a pair of handmade Native American Canadian Indian made moccasins for sale that are perfect for you.

At Moccasins Canada, we have the best authentic beaded and classic non-beaded leather moccasins that are handmade by real Native American Indians from Canada. Our Canadian handmade moccasins come in many styles and sizes. All of our genuine leather moccasins are handmade in Canada from several Native American Indian manufacturers who have been providing comfort for over 100 years. We have been in the retail industry since 1973. We now sell the best beaded and non-beaded genuine leather moccasins strictly online; therefore we have no overhead costs. This allows us to offer genuine leather moccasins at everyday cheap sales prices. We offer fast, affordable shipping so regardless of where you live, we make it easy and affordable for you to wear real Native American Canadian Indian handmade beaded or non-beaded genuine leather moccasins. If you are purchasing the moccasins as a gift email us requesting to gift wrap them for free. We pride ourselves in providing the best and most natural experience for your feet that dates back hundreds of years.