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A Family Affair

A Family Affair

It isn’t often you can get the whole family to agree on one thing.

Whether it’s music, books, hobbies, sports teams, TV shows, fashion... everyone in the house is going to have a different opinion, based on their generation, interests, etc.
matching rabbit fur laurantian chief moccasins for kids and adults
Traditional-style moccasins are one of those rare examples of that elusive universal appeal. When designed with the additional features and comforts of a slipper, you have something every member of the family will enjoy wearing.
Matching moccasins for family, mom, dad and children matching mocs
The Laurentian Chief line of fur-trimmed moccasins slippers are made in Canada, and classic in styling, fit, and feel. Handcrafted with genuine cowhide and real, luxurious rabbit fur, they come in a wide variety of sizes and colours to fit all ages and preferences.

I polled several friends (and kids) about what they’re looking for in a slipper, and here’s what they said:

Moccasin Slippers for Men

40-Something Father of two: “I think I’d want something that doesn’t feel like a shoe; like I can put my feet on the couch without having to take them off... that sort of thing. I also don’t want something that’s going to look worn out or fall apart really fast.”
Men's Rabbit Fur Moccasins by Laurentian Chief Made in Canada
Laurentian Chief’s slippers for men are made in traditional moccasin design, with a simple, plain vamp. Authentic cowhide makes them durable, but flexible, as leather form-fits to the individual footprint over time. The interior is fleece-lined with a soft, double suede outsole for additional comfort with every step. Unisex in design for those who prefer a slipper without beading.

Available in Men’s sizes 6-14, in Black, Green, and Tan.

Moccasin Slippers for Kids

7-Year-Old Boy: “I don’t want anything with laces.”
Child cozy rabbit fur beaded moccasin slippers made in Canada
Just like the adult version, junior fur-trimmed moccasin slippers for kids are warm and cozy, lined with fleece. Gender-neutral in design, with no laces to do up (or come undone) they are easy to slip on and off, and the soft sole means no scuffing or loud footfalls. The suede vamp features a traditional hand-beaded arrowhead.

Available in Kid’s sizes 11-13, and 1-3, in Tan, Navy, and Fuchsia.

Moccasin Slippers for Women

30-Something Single Woman: “I love really cozy slippers, but nothing that looks frumpy. It’s good when you can find slippers that kind of look like shoes and you can wear them with jeans or pajamas or whatever!”
Women's beaded moccasin with rabbit fur trim made in Canada
Laurentian Chief’s timeless design gives these women’s moccasin slippers a stylish upgrade, while high quality suede ensures good looks and longevity. The vamp is embellished with beautiful hand-sewn beadwork in a thunderbird motif. Genuine rabbit fur trimming adds a luxurious softness. Insulated with fleece lining. Double suede sole.

Available in Women’s sizes 5-12, in a wide variety of colours. Click the link for full selection.

Moccasin Slippers for Babies & Toddlers

We all know what little ones would appreciate most in a slipper: softness, warmth, and (of course) cuteness!
adorable baby rabbit fur authentic moccasins
Laurentian Chief’s moccasin slippers for infants are virtually a miniature version of the Men’s, Women’s and Junior styles. No detail is left out, right down to real fur trim around the ankle. They have been carefully crafted with genuine cowhide suede and decorated with a hand- beaded dragonfly. Fleece-lined with soft, double suede sole.

Available in Baby & Child sizes 3-10. Due to their snug fit, we recommend ordering one full size up.
hand-beaded authentic moccasins made in Canada
Laurentian Chief’s fur-trimmed indoor moccasins are as comfortable and convenient to wear as they are stylish and long-lasting. Cozy against the skin and incredibly soft underfoot, their classic design and luxurious details are unanimously popular with people of all ages, tastes, and genders. In fact, they are poised to become the newest family tradition, in the spirit of matching holiday sweaters, or household pyjamas for the annual Christmas card. This is a definitely a trend the whole family can get behind!
picture of moccasins for entire family side-by-side in a row
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  • Elmer

    Do you have womens slippers in size 11

  • Miriam Sager

    Hi, I am looking for a slipper like the Laurentian Chief but in leather not suede, with leather bottoms, not ‘hard’ soles.

    Do you have such a thing?

    Thank you!

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