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Collection: Sheepskin Insoles

Give Your Feet the Additional Support, Cushioning & Warmth they need with Replacement Sheepskin Shoe & Boot Inserts. We offer Genuine Handmade Removable Sheepskin Wool Insoles for Sale at the Best Prices

Your feet are probably your most used body part, and your most neglected. But the moment you experience any foot pain or discomfort, you will quickly realize the importance of the proper care and comfort for your feet. Most work boots, and fashionable shoes insoles do not have the best arch support, hard soles and are not very comfortable. This not only causes feet to be sore, but can also cause leg and lower back issues. It is also very common for shoes and boots to expand after you wear them a while. This makes them not fit not as snugly as when you first bought them causing them to slide as you walk preventing the support and cushioning from being in the proper spots of your feet. Removable inserts provide the extra cushioning, support, comfort and snug fit your feet need and your shoes and boots are lacking.

Removable replacement insoles are relatively inexpensive and are well worth the small investment. However, most removable insoles are made from materials that do not breathe very well and retain moisture. This causes your feet to feel damp and uncomfortable and for the inserts to start to smell. Genuine handmade sheepskin insoles are by far the best most supportive and comfortable replacement shoe and boot inserts for sale. They are able to absorb 30% of their weight in moisture, and breathe extremely well so they do not ever feel damp. They are perfect for keeping feet warm and dry, and can actually help with smelly feet. The lanolin contained in genuine sheepskin wool is antibacterial, which cuts out the bad smells and sheepskin evaporates the excess moisture which can cause bad odors.

Besides keeping your feet dry and odor free replacement sheepskin shoe and boot insoles distribute weight evenly through the wool fibers, giving you more balance, support and cushioning when you walk then other inserts. Sheepskin is also one of the naturally warmest materials helping regulate body temperature keeping your feet warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Sheepskin wool also helps blood circulation making removable sheepskin inserts perfect for anyone with diabetes or people who struggle with circulation. Whether you want to spruce up your existing sheepskin or fleece footwear with replacements, or add warmth, cushioning, support and comfort to existing shoes or work boots the best genuine sheepskin wool inserts are the replacement insoles you need. You can place removable sheepskin insoles on top of sheepskin or fleece lined boots or shoes that have become matted and have lost their fluffiness which will help give you added cushioning and will make your footwear last even longer.

At our online store you can buy the softest and warmest genuine medical grade removable sheepskin shoe and boot inserts handmade in Canada for sale at the best discount price. Our online-store's check-out process is easy, 100% secure and we provide the best shipping rates on our removable sheepskin insoles. If you have any questions about our genuine handmade sheepskin wool insoles please let us know and we will be more than happy to assist you. We make it easy and affordable for you to get the best sheepskin replacement inserts and provide your feet and shoes with the extra cushioning, support, comfort and warmth they need.