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If The Shoe Fits

If The Shoe Fits

When it comes to the work of daily living, people often talk about “wearing a lot of hats” in terms of roles they take on or tasks to perform. This is true, but it may also be said that many of us also wear a lot of shoes.
fancy stiletto high heels versus comfy house slippers
Shoes fit us out for whatever road we need to travel. Whether we’re strolling down the garden path or marching into battle, it’s our feet that take us where we need to go. This past year, because of the pandemic, our journey has been a little different. Instead of venturing out to take our place in the world, we’ve been asked to retreat and make our circle a little smaller. In some cases, we’ve altered the framework of our entire lives to accommodate this request. It has been a time of less structure, but more stress; we’ve had to be adaptable, yet sequestered.
playing chess indoor activities during covid in cozy slippers
Obviously, we need the right pair of shoes to fit this unusual, housebound adventure; something both comfortable and comforting, something as versatile as we have had to be. And is it too much to ask for a little style, as well... even if no one sees us but the cat?

Laurentian Chief’s Apache Moccasin Boots will take you places even when you don’t have anywhere to go.
Laurentian Chief fringed moccasin boots cork brown leather
Handcrafted in Canada with genuine moose hide, these high quality booties are soft and boho-beautiful with their double row of fringe and criss-cross stitching. Their interior is lined with fluffy sheepskin for cozy but breathable warmth and a foam insole gives cushioned comfort to every step. The Italia Marron rubber sole adds grip to surfaces underfoot and makes it perfect for indoor or outdoor wear.
Laurentian Chief moccasin boots with Italia rubber maron sole

Five Things To Do in Your Apache Sheepskin Moccasin Boots:


Whether meeting on Zoom or working on your laptop, multi-tasking has never been more relaxed. Moccasin boots are so much more fun to wear than work heels or dress shoes.
working at computer with comfy pair of moccasin slippers


Keeping ourselves and our kids busy during this pandemic hasn’t always been easy. But at least it can be comfortable!


Slow down, curl up, put your feet into pure sheepskin softness. Take some time to dip into that book you’ve been meaning to read.
Reading a book with a comfy pair of moccasin slippers

Get Creative

Maybe you already have a hobby you enjoy. Maybe there’s one you’d like to explore, or a project you want to start. Put on your moc booties and give yourself a “crafternoon.”


Because why not? And in Covid times, no one really is watching, so you can sing a little, too.
guitar with a pair of moccasins bohemian rustic style
Our stay-at-home adventure has lasted so much longer than we expected, and it hasn’t been easy. Every day brings new information, new changes. We may not always know what direction to take, but Laurentian Chief Apache Moccasin Boots will help us get there.

Please click here for sizing information and to order online, because these super-cozy sheepskin boots can be delivered right to your door.

Laurentian Chief Native style moccasins made in canada best quality
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    please send me your flyers

  • Archer X.

    Mama Bear… How can I get my moccasins soles done like that above?… The boots I ordered…. Can I wear them outside?…. 🤔

  • Trevor

    In response to Tom’s question: “Re: the 2nd photo from the top there is a chess set. Can you trace that set? Where to go to buy, what website? It’s beautiful. Been looking for something like that for awhile.”

    Hi Tom! This set in particular was purchased from a local games shop (Minotaur in Kingston Ontario) who don’t have an online store. But I found a couple of links to websites that sell them:



    They are just sold out online right now. Guess it’s a popular set. Happy shopping!


  • The Brown Bear

    In response to Aileen Campbell: these moccasins cost $198.95 CAD

  • James

    I recently purchased your slippers. They are excellent and appear very durable. I am 89 years of age so I do not expect to ever need another pair. Therefore please remove me from your address list. J.

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