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Born to Be Wild-ly Comfortable

Born to Be Wild-ly Comfortable

Harley Davidson Motorcycle with black sheepskin seat cover
When the open road beckons, you want to ride it as long and far as you can. And you want to experience the feeling of freedom and adventure, not the aches and pains associated with “biker’s butt.” Nothing puts a damper on a good road trip faster than body fatigue, nerve pain, or chafing.

Whatever motorcycle you’re riding, its seat was designed for the bike’s proportions, not yours. Most stock saddles are made from tough foam mounted on a baseplate and covered in molded vinyl or leather. There’s not a lot of comfort or cushioning there, and sourcing out a custom seat isn’t always in the budget.

A sheepskin rug seat cover by Lambskin Specialties is a simple and affordable way to make your motorcycle saddle instantly more ergonomic.
Sheepskin motorcycle seat cover
Thick and luxurious, its glossy black fur reduces shock and neutralizes the vibration of your running engine. Wool fibres naturally wick dampness away from the body, keeping you dry and cool in summer, but warm and cozy in the winter.
thick black sheepskin fur
Sheepskin provides a unique combination of breath-ability and insulation, molding to your body and yet providing a cushion of air that will completely change the sensation of your ride.
man sitting on sheepskin
The Lambskin Specialties sheepskin is approximately 40” long x 22” wide and can be cut in size to suit both your personal dimensions and your bike. It’s washable, durable, and totally versatile, making a sumptuous rug or throw at home or in the car.
black sheepskin rug decor
So, head out on the highway and improve the quality of your ride with a natural, high quality sheepskin rug seat cover. You were born to be wild, but who says you can’t be comfortable while you’re at it?

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sheepskin seat cover on motorcycle
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  • Mark Anderson

    How does it stay attached to the seat?

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