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Sleep Tight

Sleep Tight

I enjoy my bedroom. It's my place of relaxation and repose where I can enjoy quiet and rejuvenate my soul.
earthing sheets and bedding set
When my head hits the pillow I night, I'm thankful for such a comfy place to rest my head as I cuddle my cozy covers and pillow. The dogs also think like me, as they are usually right next to my feet. My bed is where I read, sleep, journal, cuddle, cry, dream...
earthing grounding pillowcases
Unfortunately, there is the occasional night where I lie awake unable to sleep. Instead of sleeping like a baby I want to sleep like my husband! In spite of being exhausted, the pressure of work and the constant barrage of technology keep me awake even as I’m desperate to sleep. Proper rest is a gift.

The discovery of earthing bed-sheets and pillowcases have been my weapon in winning the battle of insomnia. Earthing or “grounding” occurs when we connect with the Earth’s electro-magnetic field and our bodies can conduct its natural electrons. The health benefits we gain through earthing techniques help to both stabilize and energize the human body, and relieve chronic inflammation.
earthing sheet sleep grounded cotton silver thread
To experience the benefits of earthing, you must be in direct contact with the earth's electromagnetic field. This can be achieved by swimming in a lake or ocean, walking barefoot (or with leather earthing shoes or modified grounding footwear), and sitting or sleeping on the ground. All the same, grounded bedding comes with a wire that plugs into the ground port of your wall outlet, connecting you to the Earth’s electrons in the comfort of your own bed.
stack of earthing bed sheets
The fitted earthing sheet and matching pillowcases are made with soft, breathable cotton fibers which have a pure silver thread woven through the fabric in a grid pattern. These conductive threads protect you from the EMF exposure of cell phones, lap tops, and other electronics by neutralizing frequencies. Other grounding benefits include: reduced inflammation, relief from pain, improved circulation, alleviated menstrual symptoms, faster healing, and... better sleep!

Earthing sheet sets are available for Twin, Double, Queen and King size beds. Everything you need to sleep grounded is included in this sheet set.

earthing sheets pillowcase plug
Here is a list of grounding products, accessories, and instructions:

1) Outlet Checker: Plug into 3-prong outlet to confirm grounding before plugging in bedding. The amber light glows if outlet is grounded.
earthing grounding outlet checker amber light
2) Fitted Sheet and Pillowcases: Make up the bed with grounded bedding in the size of your choice. Connect grounding cord to the metal snap on the fitted sheet and each pillowcase, and plug into the grounded (bottom) prong-hole of the outlet.
connecting earthing snap plug on pillowcase or grounding sheet
3) Grounding Continuity Tester: This device helps you check to see if bedding is fully grounded and working as it should. Before plugging in the bedding, simply connect the tester’s cord to the grounded outlet, and place the tester directly on the sheet or pillowcase. A green light will indicate that the bedding is fully conductive.
Continuity Testing for earthing check if you are grounded

Wash in cold water on gentle cycle or by hand. Do not bleach. Tumble dry on cool only. Do not iron.
- Silver threading has antibacterial properties so frequent washing is not required. Grounding sheets should be replaced once a year, or every 50 washes, whatever comes first.
earthing sheets bedding
A grounded sleep is a deeper sleep free from electrostatics and EMFs. Not only will your bed be a safe haven but you can wake up feeling refreshed and ready for a new day. Sleep tight!
earthing bedding grounded sleep
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