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Make Spring Loafer Moccasins Your Go-To Shoes

Make Spring Loafer Moccasins Your Go-To Shoes

Spring is always full of everything new and exciting. From fresh air and tulips blooming, to kicking off those bulky socks and heading out the door in your comfy slip-ons. That has to be one of the most exciting changes in the spring, to put the boots away for the season and pull out a pair of spring loafers.

3 Reasons Why They Will Be Your Go-To Shoes

At Moccasins Canada we highly recommend adding a pair of spring loafer moccasin shoes to your wardrobe. There are many stylish options for men, women and children to wear. Here are 3 reasons we believe rubber sole moccasins will quickly become your go-to shoe this season.

1 - You'll Always Look Your Best

Traditional moccasin shoes go great with casual outfits like jeans or capris, but they also look great with dresses and skirts. You can wear them to work, out for a stroll with the family, or out for a date night. Might we also mention that classic moccasins are just that. They never go out of style and go with everything you could possibly wear.

Our loyal customers will tell you that every time you wear a pair of genuine moccasins, someone will comment on how much they love your shoes. Some styles feature fun accents such as beading and fringes or if you like just the plain natural leather look we have those too. You can choose a style that suits your taste from the versatile selection we offer. Moccasin loafers will quickly become your go-to shoe because they go with anything in your wardrobe and they are easy and quick to slip-on when you're headed out the door.

2 - Your Feet Deserve Them

Some people wear cheap footwear and their feet pay for it. The discomfort of cheap flats that are made of synthetic materials not only have your feet feeling the pain of cheap shoes, but they fall apart easily and barely last one season. Genuine moccasins shoes are made from real leather which makes them that more durable and good for your feet. Handcrafted moccasins are made well and the test of time is proof of their company's success. Why waste your money on rubber sole shoes that don't last and have your feet looking and feeling poorly when your precious feet deserve so much better than that!

3 - We Are Canadian!

We only sell the best Canadian handcrafted moccasins. At Moccasins Canada all our spring leather loafers are crafted by skilled artisans from companies who have been in the footwear trade for over 40 years. All of our leather loafers, that is Bastien Industries, Laurentian Chief and Alfred Cloutier, are 100% made in Canada. When you buy your comfy footwear from us, you are supporting local communities and employees which in return strengthens the Canadian economy and North America at large.

Our proof is in the pudding. Don't believe us? Check out our testimonial page for yourself and see all the good things our customers have to say about our rubber sole moccasins shoes. At Moccasins Canada we have fast shipping, friendly service and high quality footwear that you will not be disappointed in. Check out our great selection of spring moccasin loafers, today!
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