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Wide Stride

Wide Stride

Whether you’re looking for an indoor or outdoor shoe, a traditional, high-quality pair of moccasins is a sound investment. And the best moccasins are made with time-honoured details like genuine leather, hand-stitching, and rawhide laces.
Wakosun’s Wide-Fit Men's Moccasins
Moccasins are meant to conform to your feet over time, however, a wider foot requires specialty sizing from the very first step. Shoes that fit poorly or too tight can create discomfort, from mild issues like calluses or chafing, to more serious problems like bunions. There’s no justification for purchasing painful footwear that doesn’t fit properly.
Extra wide fitting moccasins for men with wide foot made in Canada
The Alfred Cloutier company has introduced a handsome, wide-fitting Wakosun Men’s Moccasin to ensure your most comfortable fit ever.

Wide-Fit Features

With an EEE wide footbed, these mocs are handmade in Canada with classic style and superior materials:

• Genuine cow hide leather
• Suede lining
• Hand-stitched vamp
• Foam insole
• Adjustable rawhide lacing
• Hunter rubber outsole
EEE wide footbed men's moccasins made in Canada by Alfred Cloutier barbo Wakonsun
Designed for easy, slip-on/slip-off convenience, the supple leather will soften and shape itself to your personal footprint the longer you wear them, customizing the fit to your unique proportions. With a velvety suede interior and durable rubber outsole, the wide-fit Wakosun moccasins can be worn indoors or out. They are certain to become the most comfortable shoes you will ever own.
men's extra wide fit EEE genuine leather moccasinsmen's Wakonsun loafer moccasins for wide fit made in Canada
The rich, peanut brown leather and contrasting dark laces make them a timeless wardrobe staple, to be worn with trousers, chinos, jeans, even shorts in summertime.

Option for Earthing

As an additional (optional) feature, Wakosun Wide-fit Men’s Moccasins can be fitted with a copper rivet in its rubber sole for earthing.
Men's rubber sole on wide foot moccasins
When walking barefoot, naturally-occurring electrons are transferred from the earth into the body. Most footwear is made with synthetic materials, which cuts off our connection to the earth’s electromagnetic field; however, copper is conductive. When a small copper post is inserted through the bottom of the outsole, it allows your feet to absorb the earth’s electrons as if you were shoeless.

Easy On-Line Ordering & Delivery

Wakosun’s Wide-Fit Moccasins are available in Men’s sizes 7-16. Click the link below for convenient online ordering and delivery right to your door.

Find your stride and perfect wide fit with Wakosun!
Men's genuine leather moccasins wide fit made in Canada
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  • Tom DiCola

    Your moccasins are incredible. Best I’ve seen in many many years. Will be ordering shortly. Thanks for the great craftsmanship.

  • The Brown Bear

    In response to Judi Maitland-parr: A style you may be interested in is our SKU: 41474. This style has a rubber sole and is very durable. Alternatively, our SKU: 7456L is another great option.

  • The Brown Bear

    In response to Walter Hamilton: Thank you for reaching out, unfortunately we only sell wide moccasins in our slippers or shoe styles.

  • Judi Maitland-Parr

    Love this shoe but would be too wide. I need a moccasin with that type of sole. The glued on soles don’t work for me. Just received from you 13107L Cork. The pair I had before had a better and thicker sole. I need a rugged outdoor moccasin shoe. What do you suggest?

  • Walter Hamilton

    I was wondering if you have a moccasin that is wide like the ones in the ad that are a boot style?
    I have to wear an orthopedic insole and the wide one like in your ad isn’t high enough to keep my foot in the moccasin.

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