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When it comes to buying footwear online, or at a store, your main goal is to find something that looks nice and fashionable while keeping your feet comfortable. Normally we substitute one for the other. We either buy indoor or outdoor shoes that look nice and trendy or match a particular outfit, only to have sore and achy feet because the shoes are uncomfortable or are not warm enough. Other times we choose comfortable, casual footwear only to find it does do not look very nice. Sacrificing style for comfort, leaves you with a plain and simple pair of shoes that do not have any cute or stylish features. There are times that you may find footwear that combines both comfort and style, but then you have to take price into consideration. Your shoe budget is likely capped at a certain amount so if you spend a significant amount of that money on your footwear, it needs to be footwear that will last and match with more than one outfit for you to get your money's worth and feel good about your purchase. You want to buy a pair of shoes for sale that is of the best quality, comfort and style so you can look and feel great while wearing them.

Authentic Native American slip-on moccasins, handmade from genuine leather, offer all of the qualities of both comfort and style. Since traditional moccasins are hand-crafted from genuine leathers such as deerskin, elk, moose, cow, buffalo, bison and other hides, you are getting the best, high quality shoe that will last you many years. Another great aspect of authentic moccasins available for sale online, is that they are normally decorated with stylish accents. These fashionable accents make them stand out and look unique compared to ordinary synthetically made shoes. There are many added stylish features such as real Indian hand-sewn beading, fringes, fur trims and other features that make traditional moccasins look trendy. One of the most important aspects of moccasins, and what they are known for, is their comfort. Since real moccasins are handmade from genuine leather and suede, they stretch and mould to your foot giving you the perfect fit. The moccasin's interior is usually suede which feels soft and cozy next to your skin. One of the other key features which makes traditional Indian style handcrafted moccasins so comfortable, is their flexibility. They do not restrict your feet but give them room to breathe and flex. Authentic hand sewn moccasins are lightweight and are like walking barefoot. When you purchase high quality genuine leather moccasins, they come in natural and neutral colors so they will match with many casual outfits not just one. Their natural look makes them the best and most ideal casual shoe you can slip-on and head out the door with, because you don’t have to worry about them clashing with your ensemble. Genuine leather and suede authentic Native American moccasins truly combine all of the aspects you need when it comes to buying casual footwear. They will last you a long time, keep you comfortable and make you feel stylish.

When ordering or buying authentic Native American slip-on moccasins, you need to be aware of the material quality and the type of craftsmanship. You can find cheap moccasins for sale virtually anywhere and at any store. But these moccasins are not going to be the same quality, or will not last as long, as real Native Indian Canadian handmade moccasins. If you decide to give fashionable moccasins a try, they have to be made from the best genuine leather or suede such as deerskin, elk, cow, moose, buffalo, or bison hides. There is no comparison to the material and comfort you will receive. If you buy faux leather moccasins or moccasins made from synthetic materials, they are going to feel stiff, will likely flake or tear over time, and may even cause your feet to smell because the material is not breathable. Genuine leather or suede is more flexible, much more durable and allows your feet to breathe which reduces bad odors. You might pay more upfront for stylish genuine leather or suede traditional style hand-crafted moccasins, but you end up saving money in the long run since the shoes last you much longer and will feel much more comfortable. Purchasing casual moccasins that are handmade in Canada is also important. Canadian brand name slip-on moccasins get their first-class leather and suede locally. So you don’t have to worry about regulations not being met on the leather. Buying online from the best reputable authentic Native American companies, that are family owned such as Bastien Indursties or Laurentian Chief, give you peace of mind that you are supporting real local craftsman, who take pride in their work.

Here at Moccasins Canada we have a large selection of the best, most comfortable and fashionable, authentic Native American moccasins for sale to coordinate with any casual occasion and style preference. Most of our traditional Indian style moccasins are Canadian handmade. We clearly mark our product pages with a Canadian flag showing which products are truly 100% handcrafted in Canada. We carry several high-quality brands with trendy styles including Garneau Slippers, Bastien Industries, Laurentian Chief, Lambskin Specialties and many more. All of our moccasins are made from genuine leather or suede such as deerskin, elk, cow, moose, bison and buffalo hide which include superb craftsmanship and many stylish Native Indian accents and features. With a long history in retailing genuine leather and real suede, handmade slip-on moccasins, we have now been selling comfortable and fashionable moccasins, on the internet in our online store, for over 5 years. We strive to make customer service our top priority. We do this by providing personal emails and correspondence on every sale, as well as detailed product pages and a 100% secure website checkout. We are always happy to answer any questions you have regarding our high-quality, authentic Native American, genuine leather and suede moccasins or your recent purchase. We look forward to helping you find the best pair of Native Indian, traditional style moccasins that you can buy.

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