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Best Kept Secret

Best Kept Secret

I wish I’d known how wonderful moccasins are a lot sooner...
Laurentian Chief Moccasins with copper rivet inserted into soles
I feel very foolish about it, like I was missing out on a really great secret for a long time. I guess I was!

In recent years, I’ve discovered that the kind of shoes you wear can set the tone for your entire day. They can change your mood and, of course, your vibe. This means, slipping into a pair of moccasins truly is a state of mind.
Slip-on moccasins made in Canada for women quality genuine moose hide leather
It’s the softness of the suede against your skin, the supple flexibility of the leather. Moccasins are shoes that do not hurry you; when wearing them, the world says, “It’s OK to take your time.” We really don’t hear that often enough.

This is not footwear you have to force your feet into, laced and encased in some unnatural, man-made shape. They grow with you, move with you. A moccasin adapts to your personal footprint, and each step you take is a journey, an exploration, not a commodified race tied to performance or productivity.
Laurentian Chief Moccasins for women style KB831
I love how versatile moccasins are, as well. Whether I’m swishing through summer in a sundress or lounging in my favourite pair of boyfriend jeans, mocs add a comfortable, classic touch. With a thick rubber sole, they’re suitable indoors and out - around the house, or in the backyard.
Quality Canadian-Made Moose Hide Moccasins by Laurentian Chief
For outdoor wear, Laurentian Chief offers moccasins for women that also come with a special (optional) earthing feature: they’re fitted with a copper rivet. Earthing, or “grounding,” is the restorative barefoot practice of connecting with the earth’s surface for wellness. Copper is a conductive metal that allows you to practice earthing while keeping your shoes on, by channeling the earth’s electrons through the moccasin’s sole to the bottom of your foot.
Copper Rivet inserted into the rubber soles of moccasins for earthing
These 100% Canadian moose hide mocs are supple, but strong, with adjustable laces, hand- stitched details, and a luxurious suede interior.

After years in uncomfortable shoes that pinched and blistered my feet, or left them aching at the end of the day, I’ve finally found footwear that is beautiful and elevated in style, quality and comfort. No one told me how happy feet can be in a pair of moccasins!
earthing moccasins conductive copper can be inserted into the sole for grounding
As soon as I step into my mocs, the world becomes a gentler place at a gentler pace, putting things into perspective, and lightening my heart and mind.

I’m so glad to be in on the secret!

Laurentian Chief’s Moose Hide Moccasins for Women are available in sizes 5 -10.

For more details, or to order, please visit:
Genuine leather moccasins for earthing using conductive copper plug in soles
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