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Taking Steps to Re-Connect

Taking Steps to Re-Connect

Human civilization likes to congratulate itself on how far we come.
Bastien Industries authentic moccasins made in canada for earthing
While it’s true that advances in science and technology have certainly added to the comfort and convenience of modern living, in some ways, this progress has also weakened our relationship with the natural world.

Once upon a time, humans lived by the seasonal rhythms of the planet. Food, labour, and social activities were guided by the calendar and its climate. We created things from scratch, explored our environment on foot, hunted food, worked gardens and fields. We wore clothing and shoes from natural materials, sometimes made by our own hands. It wasn’t always an easy life, but our connection with the Earth was both necessary and profound.
outdoor shoes for earthing
Increasingly, society tends to view Nature as either a resource to conquer and exploit, or an uncomfortable, untamed place to avoid. As the digital world continues to expand, spending time outdoors, interacting with the elements and landscape, is a luxury we seem to have less and less time or inclination for. In some cases, professional expectations and responsibilities are at odds with our own biology, creating imbalances in both our mental and physical health.

In recent years, the earthing and grounding movement has gained momentum as science finally catches up with what some of us have known instinctively for years... connecting with the Earth and its energy promotes healing and wellness.
earthing going barefoot in the grass
The human body has a natural electromagnetic field, and every system in the body runs on currents and signals from the brain. The Earth also has an electromagnetic field. When we come in direct contact with the Earth’s surface (via the ground, lakes, trees, oceans) we absorb its electrons, which then act as antioxidants, protecting our healthy cells.

  • stabilizes the free radicals in our bodies
  • regulates our nervous system
  • synchronizes our bio- and circadian rhythms
  • eases inflammation
  • improves circulation and immune response
Going barefoot is the best way to practice earthing, but it’s not always convenient (or safe) to do so. Unfortunately, even our shoes create a barrier between us and the ground, with artificial materials and synthetic soles preventing us from absorbing the Earth’s energy.

Leather-soled moccasins are the original earthing shoes.
Leather-soled earthing shoes ballet moccasins by Bastien Industries
Made with natural moose hide with no foam insoles or rubber outsole, these “ballet”-style moccasins for women by Bastien Industries can re-connect you with nature and its healing benefits.

Bastien’s authentic Indigenous moccasins are hand-crafted by Huron-Wendat artisans on the Wendake reserve outside Quebec City, Canada. They are designed to be a “barefoot” shoe, fitting snugly and comfortably, with the leather slowly form-fitting to your feet over time.
Women's Ballet Authentic Moccasins made in Canada
The durable oil-tanned soles are crafted from chromexcel leather, which has been coloured with soluble dyes. They are water-resistant and will develop a handsome patina from natural wear and tear, giving the hides even more character as you break them in. When worn outdoors, this natural leather sole allows for the free-flow of electrons between the Earth and your body, as if you were walking with no shoes at all.
Black leather moccasins with leather sole perfect for earthing
With their velvety soft suede interior, puckered vamp, and rawhide laces, these traditional earthing moccasins are a touchstone to a simpler time. They provide the means to, once again, feel the Earth beneath your feet and the invigorating influence of the natural world.
Rawhide laces and ballet style moccasins made from moose hide leather
Bastien’s Earthing Moccasins for Women can be ordered online. They come in Black or Natural Tan, and are available in sizes 4-10. They fit generously, so we recommend ordering 1 to 1-1/2 sizes down. For more information, please visit:
Women's ballet moccasins
The challenges and demands of contemporary living can leave us feeling depleted and out of step, in mind, body and soul. But the Earth has the power to replenish us.

Earthing is about feeling grounded in nature, which leads to feeling grounded in your own life. Natural, all-leather moccasins are your first step in that direction.
walking in the wood with a pair of earthing moccasins shoes
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