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Black Magic

Black Magic

I have had a long, long love affair with the colour black.
Black Ballet Moccasins ballerina mocs by boho
To me, it means mystery, the night sky, and a good dose of witchy magic. I am always happiest and at my most comfortable when wearing black.

A black wardrobe can be edgy or classic, forgiving, and also easy to match. It is the ultimate blank canvas because you can accent black pieces with any colour, or jewellery, or simply layer textures and fabrics, black on black.
Ballerina style black ballet slippers moccasins
I suspect a lot of women have a delightfully shadowy, mystical side to their personality... the side of them that aligns with the changing seasons and wishes on stars and plucks daisy petals in the early days of a new love. The part of them that still longs to run barefoot in the grass like a sprite.

That’s what these enchanting black boho ballerina flats symbolize to me...
Forest Woman in black with black ballet mocs vintage flower child hippy look
These simple but elegant Turkish slip-ons are considered a “barefoot shoe,” designed especially for earthing and made entirely with supple, genuine leather. The hand-sewn crinkled stitching and leather ribbon detail give them a whimsical touch, and the suede interior makes sliding my feet into them better than any fairy tale glass slipper.

More and more, we find ourselves talking about the wellness benefits of nature walks and other earthing or “grounding” practices. That’s because we truly thrive when we make time to connect with our planet and its elements. Studies have shown that earthing helps us sleep better, heal faster, experience less inflammation, improved circulation, and even pain relief. The benefits are extensive, and it may sound like magic, but trust me — it’s science. The Earth’s natural electrons actually help to stabilize and balance our mind and body, neutralizing free radicals and rejuvenating cell function.
Black ballet moccasins looking down on mossy surface forest barefoot earthing
Most shoes have synthetic soles or components that prevent us from absorbing these electrons into our body. This is why earthing or grounding is usually most effective when we have bare skin or barefoot contact with the surfaces of nature: sand, soil, grass, rock, trees.
forest bathing earthing in woods with ballet moccasins vintage natural organic looking
With no man-made materials to block our connection with the Earth’s surface, these pretty black ballet flats invite us to partake in the magic of the natural world. That’s an invitation I am not turning down! The soft leather sole allows us to remain “conductive” and grounded, without going barefoot. And whether worn with your favourite pair of boyfriend jeans, or most bewitching swishy skirt, I promise they will cast a spell of beauty over your wardrobe!
Cute floral belle sleeve hippie dress with matching black ballet slippers
Available in Women’s sizes 35-42. Please note that these soft-soled flats are not suited to highly abrasive surfaces and are best worn on soft terrain. Click here for sizing info and to order online:

Tap into the natural power and beautify of earthing and connect with your inner goddess!
black ballet slipper for forest bathing walking outdoors earthing
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  • Catharine bird

    As an old hippie, I prefer barefoot. Skin from another animal between my skin and mother earth doesn’t cut it.

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