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Go Green

Go Green

Summer is officially here! It’s time to shed our winter layers and bask in the sun. Say goodbye to boots and thick shoes, and hello to open-toed sandals!
vegan Tamara Sandal by Biotime Green
Introducing the beautiful vegan Tamara Sandal by Biotime® — specially modified for earthing.

This unique sandal is orthopedic in quality and stunning in style. Crafted in Spain, it is certified Vegan with zero animal origin materials.
Vegan Leather Upper Therapeutic Cork Footbed Biotime Summer Sandals
The Tamara sandal features the following vegan components:

- Vegan Leather Upper (made from pineapple fibres)

- Cork-lined Therapeutic Footbed

- Natural Crepe Rubber Outsole

Its flexible toe thong and moulded cork footbed ensure maximum orthopedic comfort and support. But this simple yet elegant sandal has an extra special element: a copper rivet for earthing or “grounding.”
Copper Rivet inserted into soles of earthing sandals by biotime
Grounding is the practice of directly connecting with the Earth, on land or in the water, without shoes or man-made impediments. If you’ve ever experienced that peaceful but energized feeling when walking barefoot at the beach or in the grass, or after a day of swimming in a lake or ocean — that’s earthing.
earthing on sandy beach lake barefoot healing
That feeling is triggered because our bodies have a natural electromagnetic field; every system in our body runs on currents and signals from the brain. The Earth has a natural electromagnetic field, too; therefore, when we come into direct contact with the Earth’s elements, we positively respond to and absorb its electrons. These electrons have been scientifically proven to stabilize and heal our bodies, resulting in both a mental and physical sense of well-being.
earthing with copper riveted sandals
Most footwear is made with synthetic materials that act as a barrier between us and the Earth’s surface. But because the Tamara sandal is fitted with a copper post, the benefits of grounding can be enjoyed outdoors even without going barefoot.
Sandals shoes with copper rivet inserted into footbed for earthing grounding
Copper is a highly conductive metal. The rivet inserted through the sole of the sandal allows electrons to flow freely from the ground and into the bare skin of your foot, just as if you were walking without shoes. Meanwhile, the orthopedic-quality construction reduces and protects you from such discomforts as bunions, plantar fasciitis, and other conditions.

To most users, the rivet feels like a small smooth button underfoot, and is barely noticeable, except on uneven terrain. The adjustable instep buckle allows you to customize your fit against the therapeutic footbed.
biotime Tamara vegan sandals cork footbed
The Tamara vegan sandal by Biotime® is available in three lovely, earthy colours: mellow, golden Mustard, caramel Brown, and fresh Teal. Women’s sizes 36 - 41.

Shop online for convenient service and delivery. Please visit the link below for more information and to order your pair today:

Be well and enjoy your earthing experience!
women's tamara sandals by water summer lake
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  • The Brown Bear

    In response to Aline: These sandals are made in Spain and the company is National Shoe Specialties Limited which is a Canadian owned company. Our brand of authentic Native moccasins is Bastien Industries.

  • Aline Legault

    Who are those that make these lovely mocs. I am french and native. Would like to know also who the owners are. Pls I hope you inderstand. Thank you.

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