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Comfort + Style = What I Want

Comfort + Style = What I Want

moccasin style outfit with mocs fringes
There was a time in my life when I didn’t care how my shoes felt on my feet, as long as they looked good. There was seemingly no end to the sacrifices I was prepared to make in the name of fashionable footwear: blisters, calluses, and the bunion that eventually materialized on my right foot.

Those days are long gone.

Now, I have greater expectations for my shoes. I still want them to be attractive and on-trend, but they also have to be comfortable. I’m a little older now and (dare I say?) a little wiser. I no longer want to spend time and money on footwear that makes me want to cry as I soak my tortured feet in a cold tub after a long day or a night out. What was I thinking?
uncomfortable heels
But I’m not quite so old or wise as to give up on my vanity entirely. I’m forever on a quest to find shoes with that elusive blend of comfort + style. Perhaps unsurprisingly, I keep landing on moccasin-style shoes, like the Apache ankle boots by Laurentian Chief.

These fringed booties are versatile enough to be worn with jeans, leggings, and even shorts and sundresses, transitioning easily from season to season. I especially love the rich, maple brown moose hide and fringed detailing, and the crepe rubber gum sole means I can wear them inside or outdoors.
cute outfit with moccasin boots laurentian chief
Laurentian Chief Apache ankle boots have a suede interior and padded insole, so they feel as good as they look. The supple leather form-fits to my feet, so the longer I wear them, the more comfortable they’ll be.
laurentian chife made in canada moccasins women
Handmade in Canada in the tradition of indigenous moccasin, these booties are available in Women’s sizes 5 -10. (Click link for more details.)

When it comes to shoes, it’s always great to find your new favourite pair — your “go-to’s” —the ones you don’t ever want to take off. Once upon a time, I never knew what that was like. Now that I’ve introduced Laurentian Chief into my wardrobe, I’ll never go back to band-aids and blisters. The search for the perfect combination of comfort + style ends right here with these beautiful Apache moccasin booties!
cute outfit laid out on the floor featuring moccasins and jean jacket
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