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Do The Math

Do The Math

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” - Leonardo da Vinci
men's earthing ballet moccasins
I once read an article on the power of subtraction, and what it means to simplify our lives. It was all about how we are accustomed to believing that more of something will make us happier: a bigger house, a fancier car, better clothes, increased possessions. So we complicate our lives by accumulating more belongings and responsibility, piling on obligation and debt until we no longer own things; they own us.

Eventually, we start to purge and pare down. We learn to appreciate the joys of minimalism.
men's lightweight minimalist moccasins
Our shoes are a good metaphor for this. What began as practical footwear to help us safely get where we needed to go, has developed into a competition in status to become faster, lighter, trendier. We choose style over substance, and over the course of time, synthetic materials have placed a barrier between ourselves and the earth on which we walk.

Minimalist Moccasins by Laurentian Chief are a way to return to the essence of living with hand-crafted genuine leather and traditionally authentic design.
Laurentian Chief made in Canada moccasins for men
These slip-on mocs give you a natural, barefoot feeling when walking indoors or out, better connecting you and your feet with the ground. Continuing research shows that our bodies are balanced and healed by the earth’s natural electrons, and “grounding” contributes to a wide variety of health benefits. Unlined, but with double-leather soles, Minimalist Moccasins are shoes created with earthing in mind, and they increase in conductivity the longer you wear them. Even better, they’re made in Canada.
Men's earthing ballet style moccasins minimalist footwear
Considered a “barefoot shoe,” these artisan-made mocs bear the history of bison with the unique grain of durable buffalo leather and traditional Indigenous styling. Available in in Fudge Brown or Maple Tan. Men’s sizes 7 - 13. Please be aware that leather-soled earthing shoes are designed for use in soft grass or dirt, not harsh surfaces such as concrete, gravel, or asphalt.
men's minimalist moccasins
How interesting (and ironic) it is that we can add to the quality of our health and wellness by subtracting what we don’t need. Return to the essentials of what’s really important and take the first steps toward uncomplicating your life with a pair of Minimalist Moccasins.
men's nature moccasins
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  • Martin

    I am into and practice minimalism. Hopefully pairs of these Beauties can be made for men in the 14-15 range.
    I love that it states that these Minimalist shoes are not meant for hard surfaces. Thank you 😊

  • Jerzy Walczak

    Nice article by Dana ,and introduction from leonardo da Vinci’s, thank you again for very, very comfortable products from brown bear, and enjoy beginning of the summer

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