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He Said, She Said

He Said, She Said

Natural leather moccasins for earthing help you stay healthy and grounded by better connecting with nature. We had a husband and wife team review our men’s and women’s Fringed Moose Hide Moccasins.
Husband and wife matching Laurentian Chief moccasins
Handcrafted in Canada by Laurentian Chief, these are designed as a “barefoot” shoe for indoor use, or outdoor grounding practices.


Out of the Box:
opening a box of men's Laurentian Chief Canadian moccasins
“The appeal, first of all, is the classic Laurentian Chief packaging. You know exactly what you’re getting... you’re getting quality, you’re getting craftsmanship. These moccasins are clearly well made. It’s really reflected in the stitching along the bottom and the vamp.”
quality moccasins excellent craftsmanship made in Canada
“I like the fringe. The fringe is nice, and the Laurentian Chief logo embossed on the front. It really reflects on the style of a traditional moccasin. The rawhide laces are a nice touch."

“The leather is soft... it’s pliable, it’s flexible. They’re a neutral colour that will go with pretty much everything that you’d wear. For me, typically, I would wear these with blue jeans. You could probably even wear them with shorts.”

Trying Them On:
wearing a pair of quality genuine leather moccasins for men
“It’s a warm day, but immediately I can feel the leather is cool on my feet. Feels very soft, almost like a cooling sensation, because it’s a natural hide. These fit perfectly. I’m a 10-1/2 and these are a 10. I believe that’s what is recommended... go down to the next full size.”
indoor moccasin house slippers
“They’re very flexible on my feet. They feel comfortable, I have sensitive feet, especially the pads, so these give a little bit of cushioning. But you can really feel the surface that you’re walking on, which is great for earthing. When you can get outside and walk around in moccasins, especially on grass, you’ll gain those benefits of earthing or grounding.”
moccasins shoes for earthing
“I think the way they form to your foot is very appealing. I know these will only get better over time, as my feet break them in."


Out of the Box:
unboxing a pair of Laurentian Chief moccasins for women
“Ooh... I really love the coloured beads. This is a traditional thunderbird motif, isn’t it? And the fringe is super, super nice. You can really see the craftsmanship in the criss-crossed hand- stitching... it’s really beautiful.”
Thunderbird beaded women's moccasins by Laurentian Chief
“Look... the Laurentian Chief logo is on the bottom of the sole, not on the top, like the men’s mocs. It’s like a little surprise that really authenticates the shoe. What a special touch."
quality craftsmanship moccasins Canada
“I can’t emphasize enough the softness of the moose hide, and the stitching is just gorgeous. I can’t get enough of the beadwork. It really finishes off the design so well. I like anything that has beads! The fringe is such a nice detail, too. It’s a step up from just a standard loafer.”
short side fringe on a pair of authentic moccasins
“I really like the warm, buttery colour... what do they call it on the box? Natural Tan. It’s a classic neutral that will go with everything. Beautiful palette, with the red and the black beads against the tan leather. These are lovely shoes. You could wear them with jeans or even a sundress.”

Trying Them On:
trying on a pair of women's Laurentian Chief beaded moccasin slippers
“They’re very nice. It’s a nice snug fit, because leather is very flexible of course, and they sort of mold to your feet. They’re definitely comfortable, with that smooth, softness of the suede inside. You can really feel the ground underneath you, which is nice on the grass or inside. I like that."

“And the rawhide laces are adjustable. I like that because you can make them tighter or looser, depending on how you want it. They’re very easy to slip in and out of. Really, really nice, whether it’s a house shoe or an outdoor shoe. And super soft.”
beaded moccasins for babies
Because of their natural leather outsoles, Laurentian Chief’s Moose Hide Moccasins are best worn on gentle outdoor surfaces, or indoors. They are also available with a foam-padded insole for additional comfort (not suitable for earthing.)
earthy natural moccasins for grounding and earthing
Moose Hide Moccasins for earthing fit slightly larger. When choosing the non-padded, all- leather insole, we recommend ordering one full size down from your usual size. (If you’re a 10, please order a 9, etc.)

Available in Men’s sizes 7-13:
Women's beaded Laurentian Chief moccasins
Available in Women’s sizes 4-10:

There are two sides to every story, or in this case, two styles, and both rate two thumbs up! Get grounded and re-connect with nature in a pair of gorgeous moose hide moccasins in Men’s and Women’s style by Laurentian Chief.
Leather moccasins matching men's and women's Laurentian Chief
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  • Dennis

    I wear size 16

  • Agustín heredia Camara

    I LIKE the canadian shoes ,how much the price.

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