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Heritage-Inspired Gift Pack

Heritage-Inspired Gift Pack

Heritage-Inspired Gift Pack
Historically, indigenous tribes have had a powerful relationship to animals and nature; one that recognizes the balance between humans and the earth. In our modern world, it’s a balance we appreciate the urgency and importance of more and more each day.

Many indigenous peoples believe the animal spirit gives itself in service to human survival in the form of met, pelts, hides, and other materials. It is why every part of the animal must be used, and ceremonies of respect and gratitude traditionally accompany the labours of hunting, gathering and fishing.

In keeping with such philosophies, Women’s Rabbit Fur Thunderbird Beaded Slippers by Laurentian Chief have been crafted in the tradition of aboriginal-style moccasins.
drinking tea with journal and moccasin slippers
Handmade in Canada with cowhide suede leather, fleece-lined and fur-trimmed, these soft, beautiful slippers provide incredible comfort and warmth for indoor wear. Hand-sewn beaded detailing and embossed Chief emblem on the sole serve as additional tributes to indigenous heritage and craftsmanship. They are available in a wide variety of colours such as Navy, Plum, Indian Tan, Charcoal, Black, Brown, and Mocka.

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close up of rabbit fur beaded moccasin slippers Laurentian Chiefclose up of rabbit fur beaded moccasin slippers
This season, Moccasins Canada is commemorates First Nations practices, symbolism, and artistry. Combining Women’s Rabbit Fur Thunderbird Beaded Moccasin Slippers, and an “Eagle’s Gift’ journal and porcelain mug, featuring the designs of Sioux Native Artist, Maxine Noel. In the words of Noel, "When one does the work of the great spirit, one receives an eagle's feather as an honour.”
Maxine Noel Mug & Journal Eagles Gift
These products make the perfect gift accessories to Laurentian Chief’s indigenous-inspired slippers, with their soft rabbit fur, velvety suede, and authentic beading.

Find your connection and honour our North American roots every time you slip on your moccasins, sip from your mug, or open your journal.

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The most significant gifts aren’t just thoughtful or generous — they’re symbolic.
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