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Memories Made In My Moccasins

Memories Made In My Moccasins

Close-Up of rawhide leather laces on authentic moccasins
Recently we had a customer send us this testimonial and I thought, "Wow, we need to share this as a blog. If someone took the time to write this much about how much their moccasins mean to them. Then, we need to share it with everyone!" Moccasins are more than just a pair of shoes. They are footwear you can make memories in.

"Recently I was enjoying a cold beverage on a beautiful Sunday afternoon with a good friend. This friend looked down at my feet and commented, “Looks like you need some new moccasins”. Looking at my feet, I let him know that I do have a newer pair, but I still like these ones.
Old worn out moccasins time for a new pair of shoes
Through years of enjoyment and interesting experiences, my first pair of moccasins hold a special place. I can now see both of my big toes, as I have worn my moccasins to the point that the threads have come apart. Upon reflecting on all of the memories and experiences that my moccasins and I have made together, led me to want to share how great, reliable and personal moccasins can be. The following are three special memories that come to mind.

In the winter of 2016 I got my first pair of moccasins from Moccasins Canada. In March of that year, we took a family vacation to the Bradenton area on the west coast of Florida. Having three young children in a mini-van for 26 hours straight can test the sanity of any seasoned parent, but this was my first road trip wearing my moccasins and it was grand. Ok ... maybe I lost my patience, self-respect and had some of my biggest failures as a parent and husband, but my feet were great. When we finally arrived at Anna Maria Island, Florida the struggles of our journey fell away as the warm breeze replaced the conditioned air of the minivan and the sweet sea salt smell of the ocean replaced the smell of motion sick toddlers.

At first I was unsure at the time how these moccasins would fair in the sand, but I was pleasantly surprised that they were ready for any condition. Whether we were on the beach, biking or fishing in the boat with my father-in-law, who would pass away just a few months later, memories were made. Needless to say, since this first experience with my moccasins we have been great traveling partners. Family vacations or business trips - we are together.
real leather Moccasins in the sand
I must put out a disclaimer before I get into my next two examples with this: please remember to work safely and wear the appropriate safety equipment. Just because I did not, does not mean that I am suggesting that you follow suit.

In the summers of 2017 and 2018, my oldest daughter and I designed and built a backyard play structure. As with most projects we tackle, project “Woodland Haven” ended up being larger and taking longer then first planned. Seeing this was a backyard project and was mostly completed during evenings and weekends, I was found wearing my moccasins.

In reflecting back, I do not remember wearing any other footwear other than my moccasins during every stage of the project, including mixing concrete, framing, roofing, as well as swing and zip line installation. The memories that we made designing and building “Woodland Haven” will last longer than “Woodland Haven” itself, as the journey is always more important than the destination. It was the wear and tear of building “Woodland Haven” that I began to see my big toes. My wonderful mother repaired the threading at this point. Considering the conditions that I had put my moccasins through by this point, it was amazing that only the threads were damaged.
construction building in nothing but your moccasins
In coming full circle, the summer of 2019, on a beautiful Sunday afternoon at Singleton Lake, Ontario, we began our family vacation. This is where my good friend pointed out that I needed new moccasins. Even though I had brought a newer pair with me, I was still wearing my original moccasins. Being on vacation, that afternoon into evening was filled with good food, drinks, music and friendship. It was what happened the next morning that seemed a bit out of place. Most people take vacation to relax and do as little as possible. That morning as I was found pulling the Husqvarna chain saw from the truck, my beautiful wife was quick to question what I was doing.

This was a two fold question as a) this was vacation time and b) I was wearing my moccasins. I assured her that it was just a dead maple tree and that we would be needing it for campfires and cooking for the rest of the week. Now please let me be clear once again, remember to work safe and wear the appropriate safety equipment. Just because I did not, does not mean that I am suggesting that you do not as well. An hour and a half later, everything was cleaned up and we were good to go. I will say that it was a new experience for me as I emptied the thick chain saw clippings out of my worn and experienced moccasins.

As we cooked over the open flame fueled by that dry maple, we were able to make new memories as a family doing the most basic things in life, preparing and consuming food.
laurentian chief moccasins on a log outside
So to conclude, yes my original pair of moccasins are worn and well used, but the memories will last even longer then a pair of moccasins. I encourage you to go make some memories and why wouldn’t you wear a pair of moccasins. They are great."

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We have fast shipping, durable moccasins and helpful customer service. If you would like to share what your moccasins mean to you, please don't hesitate to reach out and contact us. We love hearing from our customers.

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