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Moccasins For Life

Moccasins For Life

The traditional look of moccasins has endured for centuries and hallmarks of their design are recognizable in many types of modern footwear. Moccasins defy novelty and surpass trends, and are as widely embraced for their comfort and practicality, as their timelessness.
Beautiful authentic-looking fringed moccasin slippers ankle height with stylish beaded design on the vamp.
Indoor moccasins are especially prized for their soft, flexible fit. A step up from the common slipper, mocs elevate at-home fashion, from jeans and sundresses to loungewear and pyjamas. Moccasins invite us to slow down, savour each moment, get comfy. It’s about nestling into our home spaces and escaping the clamour of the outside world... even if just for a little while.
Picture of an open journal with moccasins in the background perfect for lounging around the house.
Wearing a pair of women’s moccasin slippers by Laurentian Chief is a tactile experience of velvety suede, soft fringe, and delicate beadwork. Sliding your barefoot into a pair of mocs is luxurious and restful, with supple leather and plush foam insole providing cushioned comfort with every step.
Canadian handmade moccasins crafted by Laurentian Chief from genuine suede with many fashionable features.
When moccasins become part of your life, you’ll find they’re perfect for:

Getting up early in the morning before anyone else and tiptoeing into the kitchen to make that first cup of coffee...

Napping on the sofa...

Keeping your feet warm on a chilly night...

Having a friend over for tea and cookies and chat...

Padding around the house at night after everyone is in bed because you stayed up late to watch a movie...

Losing yourself in a creative hobby on the weekend...

Curling up with a good book...
resting on a sofa with a gorgeous pair of moccasin slippers that are authentic
Laurentian Chief indoor moccasins for women are the reminder that we all need time to rest, relax, and reset. The row of tan fringe, beautiful stitching and hand-beaded motif are inspired by traditional moccasins; and like traditional mocs, their genuine suede construction will conform to your foot over time, creating a personalized fit like no other.
Authentic moccasin slippers with a beautiful beaded design made in Canada.
Slipping into a pair of quality indoor moccasins is a mindset, a gift you give yourself.

Suede Fringed Moccasin Slippers are available in Women’s sizes 5-10 and can be ordered online for quick and convenient home delivery:
Suede sole moccasins slippers in a rich chocolate-brown color with a fold over fringe and beaded vamp.
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