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Time-Honoured Tradition

Time-Honoured Tradition

Bastien Industries has been crafting the finest authentic, Indigenous-made moccasins in North America for almost 150 years.

An indigenous-owned Canadian company, Bastien operates in Wendake, Quebec on the urban reserve of the Huron-Wendat Nation.

Bastien footwear is handcrafted with locally-sourced leathers and hides, The designs feature all the signature details of a traditional arahchiou’ (moccasin) with contemporary comfort for indoor and/or outdoor use.
Bastien Industries new branding logo sealed imprinted on a genuine hide leather made in Canada
Classic moccasins, like these Moose Hide Slippers for women, are characterized by their wild leather, which often still bears the scars of the animal’s life in the wild. They are finished by hand with crisscross stitching and distinctive beaded motifs on the u-shaped vamp. Adjustable rawhide laces complete the look.

The luxurious suede interior and generously cushioned insole are matched in softness by a double leather sole, making them the ideal indoor moccasin.
Hand-beaded turquoise design on vamp of a pair of authentic moccasins
Bastien moccasins have a long history, beginning well over a century ago. They are made with traditional materials and techniques, according to the sustainable values of Indigenous peoples and their ancestors.

In 1878, Maurice Sébastien “Bastien” Agniolen of the Huron-Wendat Nation, founded his company, Maurice Bastien, the first major manufacturer of winter gear and moccasins. Employing more than 80% of the Wendat community, the high quality of Bastien family products quickly became firmly established. Maurice Sébastien Agniolen, also known as The Bear, was Grand Chief of the Wendat Nation between 1883 and 1896.

Maurice Bastien Agniolen of the Huron-Wendat Nation founder of Bastien Industries Moccasins

In the 1920s, Bastien’s sons established their own company, the Bastien Brothers, specializing in snowshoes, moccasins, and winter boots. The family business continued to grow throughout the 20th century when Bastien’s grandson Roland founded the Bastien Industries factory in Wendake in 1972. Eventually, his daughter - the Grand Chief’s great-granddaughter - took over the organization in the 1990s, bringing their heritage-made Bastien moccasins to international distributers.
Hand- beading on a pair of authentic genuine moose hide leather moccasins made in Canada by Huron Wendat tribe Natives
Since 2022, Bastien Industries has been operating under the leadership of Jason Picard-Binet, a proud member of the Huron-Wendat Nation. Picard-Binet continues the legacy of authentic moccasins, boots, and slippers featuring Indigenous craftsmanship and tailoring.
Bastien Industries has been operating under the leadership of Jason Picard-Binet a proud member of the Huron-Wendat Nation
In Jason’s own words: “The heritage is transmitted, one bead at a time, through the careful work of our dedicated and proud team. Our greatest ambition is that our moccasins bring you comfort and style, giving you the freedom to be yourself, everywhere.”
Wearing a pair of women's authentic native indigenous beaded moccasins by Bastien Industries
Almost 150 years after the company was founded, authentic Bastien arahchiou’ like these Moose Hide Moccasins for women continue to be crafted within the Huron-Wendat community in Quebec. The supple leather, careful stitching, and beautiful beadwork are trademark details of a time-honoured Indigenous craft, industry, and product.
time-honoured Indigenous craft moccasins with hand-beading
Moose Hide Indoor Moccasins come in three colours: Black, Maple, and Natural Tan, and are available in Women’s sizes 4-10.

Click here to view our full line of authentic Bastien moccasins:
Native American authentic moccasins made in Canada by Bastien Industries part of the Huron Wendat Wendake Reservation in Quebec
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