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Out & About

Native Northwest Ball Cap and Zipper Pouch
My family are day-trippers and road-trippers. We love to visit our favourite local towns and Canadian cities and hit up the shops, cafés, galleries... whatever peaks our interest.

The best thing about exploring on foot is the freedom it gives you to take your time and live moment by moment. Feeling hungry? Stop for poutine or a beaver tail. See a cute scarf in the window? Pop into that boutique and try it on. Inspired by your surroundings? Sit yourself down on a park bench with a cup of Timmies and people-watch or take photos for awhile.
Ball cap with Native Indigenous Art Pattern motif on front
In the “true north, strong and free,” you never know where the day will take you!

Experienced day-trippers know it’s important to have gear that doesn’t slow you down. The right shoes for walking, obviously, but also the right accessories.

Have you noticed? Hip packs are back — and for good reason. A hip pack keeps your wallet, keys, and other essentials safely on your person and easily accessible for purchases and other activities. It can be worn old school-style at the waist, but the updated look is cross-body.
Shopping a small retail boutique wearing a cross-body zipper pouch fanny pack with indigenous art design
A good hat is also a plus. Not only does it keep the sun out of your eyes, but it can serve as a bit of protection if you’re out and about and you catch a little rain. A traditional ball cap is all you need, really. Bonus points if it has a cool design on the crown... like indigenous art, maybe?
Guy browsing a store boutique wearing a black cap with indigenous native american art
Native Northwest Indigenous Art accessories go where you want to go with convenience and panache!

The NNW Indigenous Art Cap combines comfort and style with its crimson embroidered “Eagle" motif, designed by Haida Artist Allan Weir. Made with brushed cotton twill, it has an adjustable back strap and traditional visor.
man wearing native art black ball cap hat
The Indigenous Art Hip Pack by NNW is a stand-out example of the re-emerging belt bag trend. A conveniently wide zippered top, inner mesh divider and outer velcro pocket keep all your belongings sorted and handy, protected by a water-resistant polyester/nylon shell. The adjustable strap adds versatility for wearing around the waist or across the body. Gender- neutral in design, it is embroidered in red with the beautiful “Formline” artwork of Haida artist Ernest Swanson.
Indigenous Art Hip Pack by NNW gender- neutral in design embroidered in red with the beautiful Formline artwork of Ernest Swanson
Both pieces are available for online order on our website!

Hip Pack

Black/Red “Formline” design by Ernest Swanson. Also available in Black/White “Gift of Honour” design by Coast Salish artist Francis Horne, Sr. One size fits most.

Hip Fanny Pack black with red native american tribal art pattern

Ball Cap

Black/Red “Eagle” design by Allan Weir. Also available in “Orca” design by Coast Salish artist Maynard Johnny, Jr. One size fits most.

Black Red Eagle or Orca Native American design one size fits most ball cap hat
The Indigenous Art Hip Pack and Cap by Native Northwest are accessories that keep you comfortable, organized and looking good on the go!

[Photographed at Pinecone in Westport, ON]


Allan Weir is a Haida artist born to the Raven clan of Old Masset, British Columbia. A sculptor and carver, he apprenticed with Christian White, and works mainly with argillite and cedar. Allan’s focus is creating innovative, updated designs with traditional Haida roots. He says, “I am honoured to share my culture and appreciate when people show their respect by using products that feature my designs.”

Haida artist Ernest Swanson holds the traditional name, Giinowaan. He is a matrilineal descendant of the celebrated Haida artist Charles Edenshaw, and has always been surrounded by art and artists. Ernest works in many mediums, including visual art, argillite, wood, metal jewelry, and totem pole carving. In his own words, “Art is central in our traditions and expresses who we are as a people. I am honoured to be an artist and share our culture with the world.”
Native Northwest emblem logo icon embroidered on the side of a hat

Native Northwest

Native Northwest is a Vancouver-based Canadian brand that acts as partners to the artists and stewards to the artwork they promote.

Native Northwest believes in building everyday connections to Indigenous cultures. 100% of the art featured on Native Northwest products is designed by Indigenous artists. This is their Statement of Respect and Authenticity:
Native Northwest believes in building everyday connections to Indigenous cultures
[Image courtesy of nativenorthwest.ca]
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