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Fit To Be Tied

Fit To Be Tied

Women's snowshoe mukluk winter boots rugged Canadian
Traditional-style lace-up mukluk boots are a way to experience a walk in wintertime like nothing else.

Mukluks are a cold-weather version of the moccasin, derived from ancient tribes of the Arctic. Made with natural materials such as genuine leather hides and sheepskin lining, they are designed for warmth and comfort. Without the heavy rubber soles of contemporary boots, the lightweight construction allows you to feel the ground firmly underfoot with each step, while keeping your feet cozy and dry.
Mid-Calf Laurentian Chief’s Snowshoe Mukluk Moccasin Boots
Women’s Snowshoe Mukluk Moccasin Boots by Laurentian Chief are a beautiful blend of classic styling and modern luxury.

These lace-up moccasin boots are crafted with two-toned suede and leather details. Tied firmly, or left loose, the adjustable lacing extends the full 12” height of the boot shaft. A gusseted suede tongue keeps feet snug and free from dirt and snow, and is embossed with the striking Laurentian Chief image. Contrast stitching and double hand-sewn vamp bring an artisanal touch to the timeless look.
Contrast stitching and double hand-sewn vamp bring an artisanal touch to these Laurentian Chief boots
The interior and exterior craftsmanship of the mukluks combine to keep warmth in and cold out! The inner boot is lined with fleecy sheepskin, natural wool fibres that allow air circulation and wick away moisture, leaving feet dry and perspiration-free. The durable marron italia rubber outsole adds flexibility, protection, and traction.


Mukluk moccasin boots are made with natural leathers and hides, which are not fully waterproof and require a little extra care. They can be made weather-resistant with a good leather protector, finishing wax, or natural waterproofing product, such as mink oil. Avoid fully immersing leather mukluks in watery or slushy conditions.

Click here for our extensive line of shoe care products:

With the right protective products and proper care, mukluks and moccasin boots will last you many years to come.
durable marron italia rubber outsole on Canadian made Laurentian Chief winter boots
Laurentian Chief’s Snowshoe Mukluk Moccasin Boots are available in Women’s sizes 6-10. For half sizes, we recommend ordering down to the next full size:

This style is also available in Men’s sizes 8-13:

Inspired by time-honoured traditional mukluks, Snowshoe Moccasin Boots for woman make walking in a winter wonderland a wonderful thing!
Snowshoe mukluks made in Canada fashionable and durable
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  • The Brown Bear

    In response to Lance: No these are not earthing soles. The soles are regular rubber which are an insulator and will NOT allow electrons to flow through. The only rubber like boots we have that have earthing soles are shoes made by HARMONY783. If you do a search for that name in our search box you will find shoes like that or go to our “earthing footwear” collection.


    are these snow ‘muckluk’ have grounding/earthing soles ???

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