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Slippers For Self-Care

Slippers For Self-Care

Sheepskin-Lined Moosehide Moccasins for Women
Traditionally, the new year inspires us with good intentions; it’s a time to make resolutions for the future, and release habits and behaviours that no longer serve us. Often we focus on “improvement” through a series of deprivations or challenges (“no pain, no gain”) that don’t exactly add a lot of zest to life — especially when we are already laden with so many responsibilities.

This year, what if we focused on being generous with ourselves, instead of restrictive? What if we decided to improve our lives by filling our own cup?
Wearing a pair of Canadian made quality genuine leather lined moccasin slippers
The term “self-care” can mean many things, but it begins with dedicating adequate time to rest, play, explore, heal, and discover. Maybe it also begins with luxurious pair of sheepskin- lined leather moccasins. After all, if we’re going to re-commit to ourselves, we should be as cozy and comfortable as possible!
luxurious pair of sheepskin- lined leather moccasins
Laurentian Chief’s indoor moccasins for women are made with genuine moose hide and a plush shearling interior for maximum softness. Handcrafted in Canada, their neutral palette and traditional style are the ideal self-care accessory.

Here are 10 self-care suggestions to help you step into in 2024:

1. Get More Sleep

Sleep in. And if you can’t sleep in, try getting to bed a little earlier. Or, schedule an occasional, glorious nap. Remember, the experts say a 20-30 minute snooze is all you need. And don’t worry — your beautiful moccasins will be waiting for you to slip into when you wake up.
Laurentian Chief’s indoor moccasins for women are made with genuine moose hide and a plush shearling interior for maximum softness

2. Play

This crazy world has got us thinking we need to constantly maximize our productivity to prove our worth. One way to stay balanced is to indulge your inner child by playing games, colouring, or crafting. It’s a bonus if you can share this time by bonding with a fellow kid or kid-at-heart.
Coloring being a kid at a heart while being cozy in a pair of plush fuzzy slippers

3. Go For A Walk

Immerse yourself in nature or take a forest walk for improved mental and physical health. A brisk stroll in the fresh air will energize you and get your body moving in a low-imput/high- return experience. Slipper moccasins may be for indoors, but their versatile rubber sole means you can step outside in nice weather, if you want!

4. Take A Class

Is there something you’ve always wanted to learn? Sign up for guitar lessons, pottery classes, yoga, improv, crochet, painting, tap dancing... give yourself permission to explore whatever it is you’ve always wanted to try. You don’t have to be great at it, you just need to have fun!
sheepskin lined moccasins next to a guitar

5. Meditate

Take time to clear your mind and simply be in the moment. Breathe. Search up YouTube for guided meditation or healing music. Fluffy sheepskin-lined moccasins will add a comforting sensory element to the experience.

6. Read

Put the phone down, turn off the TV, and indulge in a good story. Pick up a novel, magazine, newspaper, comic book, whatever. Just take a break from devices and screens and reconnect with your imagination via the written word. Your Laurentian Chief mocs will keep your feet cozy and warm as you settle in for a little library time.
Your Laurentian Chief mocs will keep your feet cozy and warm as you settle in for a little library time

7. Bond With a Pet

Spending time with a beloved animal friend is so rewarding. Snuggle up with your cat or dog, horse, hamster, or iguana... whatever pet holds your heart. If you don’t have one, maybe offer to take a friend’s puppy for a walk or visit a farm. (PS - Don’t let that puppy chew your new Laurentian Chief moccasins!)

8. Have A Bath

Sure, showering is faster, but the point of drawing a bath is to slow things down. Fill your tub with bubbles or scented oils and soak up to your neck for as long as you can. It can even become a daily bedtime ritual to promote a more restful sleep (See #1). And who says you have to bathe alone? 😉
Laurentian Chief Sheepskin Lined Moccasins for Women

9. Write It All Down

Journaling your thoughts, dreams, ideas, lists, poems, or sketches is a therapeutic way to access your creative side (yes, you have one - everyone does!) and record memories or stories. To get started, check out our selection of hardcover journals with Indigenous artwork covers for inspiration:

10. Daydream

Perch at the window or sit on the porch and simply dream, remember, reflect. Add a cup of specialty coffee or fragrant tea and practice the art of doing nothing. Your sumptuous shearling-lined moccasins will keep you company.
Looking out the window on a gloomy day wearing a pair of lined slippers
We give so much of ourselves to others, often willingly, but sometimes out of obligation, too. It’s important to channel some of that generosity back into ourselves so we can meet those responsibilities with new energy and a refreshed spirit. This is your year! Slip into it with comfort and ease.

Laurentian Chief’s Sheepskin Lined Moose Hide Moccasins come in two colours: “Cork” and “Natural Tan”. They are available for online order in Women’s sizes 5-10.
Women's moose hide sheepskin lined moccasins come in cork and natural tan colours
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