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Step Out of the Ordinary

Step Out of the Ordinary

Moccasin Boots Made from Genuine Leather Native Style
One of the biggest complaints about most men’s shoes is that they are boring.

Walk into any department or chain store and, apart from high-trend sneakers, you’ll find many of the same styles: basic loafers and dress shoes in basic black and brown. These may sometimes be balanced out by sandals and boots, depending on the season.

A lot of this hum-drum footwear isn’t particularly well made or even very comfortable; it’s intended for short-term wear, often mass-produced with cheap, badly-fitting materials.

It pays to invest in a good quality pair of shoes, something a little different — especially a time-honoured design that is hand-made right here in Canada, with care and fine craftsmanship.
Men's Laurentian Chief Ankle Moccasin Boots
Traditional-style moccasin ankle boots, like those by the Eugène Cloutier company, are truly one-of-a-kind.

Men’s Apache Leather Moccasin Boots are part of the Laurentian Chief line. Inspired by First Nations footwear, they are crafted with authentic, supple moose hide in a rich shade of Cork. These are shoes that become better and better over time, with the leather developing a patina, growing softer, and conforming to your personal footprint for a fit like no other.
Authentic Indigenous Moccasins Fringed For Men
The moccasin ankle boot for Men features a classic U-shaped vamp that is hand-stitched around the toe. A double row of fringe surrounds the 4” boot shaft, which is finished off with adjustable rawhide laces.

Designed for indoor or outdoor use, the insole is padded and lined with suede. The crepe gum rubber sole is durable and hardy enough for outdoor surfaces.
Men's Fringed Native Style Moccasin Boots By Laurentian Chief
Laurentian Chief’s Apache Moccasin Boots add exceptional style and comfort to any upscale casual look. There is nothing boring about these men’s shoes, which have been perfected by the expertise of three generations of leather craftsmen.

Now available for convenient online order, in Men’s sizes 8-13:

Apache Moccasin Boots are not for getting lost in a crowd! Step out of the ordinary and into unparalleled quality and style.
Men's Apache Native Style Ankle Fringed Moccasin Boots
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  • The Brown Bear

    In response to KarenLan:

    Yes, we do carry high top moccasins for women, see links below:

  • KarenLan

    Do you havehightop moccasins in ladies sizes available as well?IhavelostmylSt pair I had at the hospitalandam brokenheartedIlost them awaiting your reply thank you have a great day!

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