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The Earthing Option

The Earthing Option

Traditional moccasins are the original earthing shoes. Their organic, all-leather construction acts as a conduit between our bodies and the earth’s natural electromagnetic field. This exchange of energy stabilizes our cells and nervous system, connecting us to our most significant source of vitality: nature.
Laurentian Chief moccasins loafer-style slip-ons made from genuine moose hide leather
When contemporary materials like rubber soles or foam footbeds are added, however, the moccasin loses its earthing connection. Why? Because synthetics are non-conductive, and they create a barrier between us and the earth’s surface.

Until recently, the idea of gleaning wellness benefits through earthing was considered a fairly bohemian concept. Only hippies believe that absorbing the earth’s electrons into your body can improve your health, right?

only hippies go barefoot in the grass wrong
The advantages of earthing, or “grounding”, are now well documented and founded in scientific research. Ongoing studies and anecdotal reports have shown that a grounded connection can:

  • Re-sync our circadian rhythm
  • Stimulate healthy cellular activity
  • Improve immune response
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Accelerate healing
  • Improve circulation
and a host of other positive side-effects.

While walking barefoot is the most natural way to practice earthing, it is not always possible or safe to go without shoes. The next best way to form an earthing connection is with grounding footwear, however, a soft leather sole may not be suitable for some wearers. What is the solution?
luxurious dark fudge brown leather moccasins prefect casual loafers for men
Laurentian Chief Moose Hide Moccasins for Men have a sturdy rubber outdoor sole and cushioned footbed for additional comfort. But they can be ordered with a special, optional earthing feature: a copper rivet inserted through the bottom of the sole.

How does it work? Copper is naturally highly conductive. When wearing moccasins fitted with a rivet, the earth’s electrons can be channeled through the copper and absorbed by your bare skin.
copper rivet inserted into the sole of a moccasin shoe for earthing allowing electrons to flow into your body
Upscale casual in design and colour, these loafer-style moccasins are Canadian-made and crafted with rich, supple moose hide. Details include a classic hand-stitched vamp and matching rawhide laces. The suede interior is velvety smooth against the skin, with leather- sewn padded insole.
a pair of moccasins with copper rivet in sole for earthing grounding
Laurentian Chief’s Earthing-Optional Moose Hide Moccasins combine traditional styling with modern amenities, without sacrificing their earthing connection. They are available in Men’s sizes 7-13, and can be ordered with or without the copper rivet for earthing in Fudge brown or Cork:
two shades of brown moose hide leather loafer style moccasins by Laurentian Chief made in Canada
It’s always nice to have options! Opt-in for earthing and order yours online today.

To learn more about the effects of earthing, click here for an excellent and fascinating scientific study:
Laurentian Chief moccasins
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  • Rod

    Received my mens earthing moccasin boots with in a week,super fast shipping. Quality Product! Glad I discovered the show Hunt Primitive where I seen your moccasins!

  • The Brown Bear

    In response to Larry Vocal:
    We are happy you like your moccasins! You can head over to our Laurentian Chief brand moccasins page and purchase a pair for her as well.

  • Larry Vocal

    My Laurentian earthing moccasins are great! Where do I find some for my wife?

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