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You, Unplugged.

You, Unplugged.

How many things are standing in the way of where you want to go?
minimalist moccasin slippers
A woman is always in demand, and sometimes the demands we place on ourselves are the toughest ones to meet. Each day brings its duties and commitments... things that steal time and energy away from our self-care until we find ourselves overwhelmed or depleted. Some of these are responsibilities we choose and accept willingly; others are imposed upon us by the world, or even our own sense of obligation. At times, we're so plugged in, it feels as if we’re living life purely on demand.
woman journaling in cozy moccasins fall
What if we disconnected from the guilt, the expectations, the impositions, and dedicated the same amount of time to ourselves as we do to others? Once that gateway opens, what path would you take?

In some ways, it’s as simple as turning our face to the sun and taking a deep breath in. It’s kicking off the high heels and stepping into a pair of soft, comfortable shoes, choosing to embrace a moment made just for us.
ballet moccasin slippers
It’s not as difficult or as daring as it sounds.

Laurentian Chief has designed a minimalist ballerina-style moccasin that captures the beauty of living simply... of saying “no" to what stresses us out, and “yes” to whatever fills our cup: a good book, a forest walk, yoga or meditation. Coffee with a friend. Tea by ourselves.
laurentian chief ballerina style moccasinsslippers perfect for yoga
Crafted in Canada with tobacco brown suede, these slippers are hand-stitched, with a traditional front centre seam and rawhide laces. They are considered a “barefoot” moccasin: lightweight, with padded insole and natural suede outsoles. Their classic look and comfort will help you re-connect with yourself and hopefully inspire you to the serene, uncomplicated lifestyle you deserve.
brown suede ballet moccasin slippers
Available in women’s sizes 5-10, they can be conveniently ordered online at:

Give yourself the gift of disconnecting from all of the things holding you back, and step into who you really want to be, and what truly matters.
as you simplify your life the laws of the universe will be simpler quote
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