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Best of Both Worlds

Best of Both Worlds

Moccasins are believed to be the oldest shoe in civilization. They have been customized and reimagined by generations of Indigenous communities, North American emigrants, and designer fashion houses.
Men's Laurentian Chief moccasin boots
Fast forward to the present day where the moccasin’s influence has a fixed place in today’s world of footwear, from the penny loafer to the modern mukluk . Among the best-loved styles are those traditionally designed with the benefit of contemporary materials to make them more durable and comfortable.

The Men’s Mohican Moccasin Boot by Laurentian Chief is a perfect example of classic moccasin styling blended with modern amenities.
stylish men's moccasin boots
Made in Quebec, Canada and crafted with deep chocolate-brown leather and suede, this lace-up ankle boot is designed for easy and comfortable winter wear. Traditional details include a hand-sewn puckered vamp, contrasting textures, and a decorative suede fringe surround.
men's quality canada made moccasin boots
The interior is lined with soft, warm fleece and it bears a treaded Italia Marron outsole for additional traction in colder temperatures.
men's laurentian chief moccasin boots
Leather care and protection is key for genuine hide moccasins. Eugène Cloutier, the company behind Laurentian Chief, has these tips for winter care:

• Leather is a living material that tolerates no abrasive or scouring product,
• Use a soft brush in order to remove any dust and dirt from leather and suede,
• To remove stains, delicately rub with a slightly damp cloth with a drop of gentle soap (dishwashing liquid),
• We recommend spraying a protector for leather or suede, but discourage use of waterproofing products, as they damage leather/suede and are not efficient,
• During winter, wipe off snow, mud and dirt as soon as possible and keep your leather/suede items from any heat source,
• For smooth leather you may use a good quality shoeshine or mink oil.
canadian made moccasins
The Laurentian Chief Mohican Moccasin Ankle Boot is available in Men’s sizes 8 - 13. Order online for convenient doorstep delivery.

For more details, please click the link below: https://www.moccasinscanada.com/products/mens-moccasin-boots-ankle-mohican-fleece

Step out of history and into urban style with a classic pair of contemporary moccasin boots.

Combine the best of both worlds!
Laurentian Chief Mohican Moccasin Ankle Boot
Laurentian Chief Mohican Moccasin Ankle Boot
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