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Collection: Men's Wide Moccasins

Get the Best Most Comfortable House Shoes and Bedroom Slippers that Fit Extra Wide Feet with Men’s Soft Sole Wide Width Indoor Moccasins. We offer Handmade Men’s Wide Fit Moccasin Slippers in Genuine Suede Leather at the Best Sales Prices

The sole purpose in wearing slippers or house shoes is to keep you warm and comfortable. This might seem like an easy task, but not all men's house shoes for sale are the best fit for wide width feet. If you do not choose the right pair of men's bedroom slippers or house shoes for extra wide feet, your slippers could actually make you feel uncomfortable and can cause foot pain or injuries. You need to shop for genuine leather or suede soft sole moccasin slippers or indoor house shoes that are designed specifically to fit men who have extra wide feet in order to assure that you feel comfortable and at rest.

Wide fit suede leather moccasin slippers are the best option for men looking for a pair of extra wide house shoes. Men's wide width moccasin slippers are naturally comfortable for your feet and have been worn for centuries by Native American Indians. The style and design of genuine suede leather indoor moccasins has been perfected through the years by manufacturers and are the best, most comfortable bedroom slippers for men. Not only are authentic moccasin house shoes and slippers comfortable, they also come handmade for extra wide width feet. This ensures men with wide feet experience the best fit, ultimate comfort and support. Extra wide suede leather moccasin house shoes are classic moccasins, only they are designed with a wide foot base.

When shopping for men's extra wide fitting slippers or house shoes for sale, it is important to buy moccasins made from genuine leather or suede. Genuine leather has the ability to stretch and mold to your feet making it the best option for wide feet. This is great for men with wide feet as the leather is comfortable and will stretch even more to accommodate your foot's width. If you buy cheap faux-leather and other synthetic materials, the material will feel rigid and stiff and will not give you as much flexibility. This causes the bedroom slipper to not be very comfortable and fall apart quickly.

Extra wide fitting leather and suede moccasins handmade by Native Americans are going to be the best men's bedroom slippers and indoor house shoes you can buy. Native American Indians pay special attention to every detail, including the wide fit of the moccasins. Genuine suede leather indoor moccasins designed for men with extra wide width feet might cost a little more up-front, but they are way more comfortable, look much better and last much longer than cheap fake leather soft sole moccasin house shoes. This not only ensures you get a more comfortable pair of wide width bedroom slippers, but will also often save you money in the long run not having to replace them.

At Moccasins Canada we have the best extra wide fitting men's suede leather moccasin slippers and house shoes on sale at cheap discount prices. All of our authentic Native American Indian indoor moccasin house shoes and soft sole bedroom slippers are handmade in Canada out of genuine deer, elk, moose and cowhide. We sell the most comfortable extra wide width men's moccasin house shoes in a variety of natural leather colors. We offer fast affordable shipping and we have a 100% secure online check-out. We are glad to answer any sizing questions and you can even email us your feet width and length measurements for a guaranteed fit. We are also glad to answer any other questions on our wide fitting men's suede leather moccasin slippers and house shoes. We make is as easy as possible for you to buy the best, most comfortable extra wide with men’s moccasins for sale.