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Work It

Work It

wool work socks
You gotta love traditional work socks. The classic heather grey wool and playful red-and-white accents perfectly capture cozy, cabin style. And fall is just the right season for them!

The good news is: this rustic design trend has branched out to included additional gear, like hats and scarves to complete the look. These unisex knits are both snug and playful - so why not punch up your fall wardrobe with pieces from Moccasins Canada’s work sock-inspired collection!
canadian classic heritage wool work sock cabin vibe

Heritage Wool Work Socks (3-Pack)

Three woolen pairs of classic knitted work socks that will keep your feet toasty warm all winter. Made in Quebec with homespun and Merino wool yarn, they are a true Canadian tradition. Soft, time-honoured, and strong.

Please visit the Moccasins Canada website for sizing:
knit wool work sock style scarf

“Work Sock” Rib Knit Scarf

A cheerful, cozy scarf to keep the cold winds at bay, knitted in the colours and design of traditional wool work socks, like the ones above! Soft acrylic yarn adds comfort and easy-to-maintain durability. Length: 72” long x 6” wide. Made in Canada.

To order, please click the link:
work sock style rib knit toque winter hat

“Work Sock” Rib Knit Toque

Classic Canadian knitted cap with ear flaps, pom pom, and braided tassel ties. Looks great with a plaid shirt, goose down jacket, or even just a hoodie. Whatever your style, this hat will take it to the next level of comfort and warmth. 100% acrylic for easy maintenance. Made in Canada. One size fits most.

To order, please click the link:
work sock style rib knit toque winter hat
It’s definitely time to usher in sweater-weather with these comfortable, casual, workable knits! Order all three together from Moccasins Canada and receive a 15% off bundle discount. (Simply add all three to your cart and discount will be applied automatically) Get a head start on Christmas shopping, or simply spoil yourself! Time to put these accessories to “work.”
work sock cabin vibe combo with hat, socks and scarf
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